Weekend Roundup: No. 205


Happy Friday! Some weeks it doesn’t seem like Friday is a big deal. This week isn’t one of them! There’s no particular reason, but I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Jim’s sister and her family arrive tomorrow for a short visit. We don’t have any specific plans. It will be fun to see the cousins together again.

This morning I need to drop my car off for a service and then I’m spending a few hours at a coffee shop. I’m pretty excited about the time to myself!

Anyone else obsessed with the royals? I was so happy to see the news from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle earlier this week. Another little royal joining the family!

This is the first year Lawson really has an opinion on his Halloween costume. The only problem is he keeps changing his mind. Costumes are selling out online and I have a feeling I’m going to be scrambling at the last minute.

I’ve branched out from my favorite podcasts and started listening to Coffee & Crumbs. They talk about all kinds of parenting dilemmas in a really easygoing manner. There are 3 hosts that each bring a different perspective. One of the best tips I learned from listening related to birthday parties. All birthday gifts are wrapped in kraft paper and then they write on it with a sharpie pen. No more worrying about fancy wrapping paper or gift bags. That stuff can get expensive. The other tip I loved from the same episode was to give bandaids as the party favor. Brilliant!



The snow on Sunday was definitely a highlight. We really love it in Colorado, including the change of season. The last of Lawson’s snowman finally melted yesterday. Now we’re back to clear skies and sunshine!


Last night when I was making dinner, Lawson and Sybil were a little too quiet in the garage waiting for Jim to get home. I came out to find they’d ripped open one of the garbage bags full of leaves. As we were cleaning it up, I snagged my pink sweater in two places likely ruining it before even cutting off the tag.


This little fabric shaver is $7 on Amazon. I finally tried it yesterday on one of my sweaters and shaved that annoying pilling right off. I’m going to use it to refresh all of my sweaters!

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