Weekend Roundup: No. 206

Target leopard sweater

Happy, happy Friday! We started off the week on a high note with our first parent/teacher conference, a return visit to the pumpkin patch and lunch. I’ve been curious about Lawson’s personality at preschool. It was nice to have his teachers validate that he’s a sweet, helpful kid (at least most of the time)!

The rest of the week has been a rough with two sick, crabby toddlers and less sleep than any of us would like. Personally, I’ve been cranky and I can’t quite pinpoint the reason why.

I’ve been watching Friends at night when working on my computer. I laugh out loud during every episode. I’m old enough that I watched Friends when it originally aired, but I didn’t realize at the time what a good show it truly was. It’s right up there with Seinfeld!

I finished reading Ghosted on Wednesday while cuddling with a sick Sybil. It started out slow for me, but then I didn’t want to put it down. There were twists that I didn’t anticipate! If you’re looking for a new book to read this weekend, check out my fall reading list.

This weekend I’m working with a new photographer to take outfit photos. It’s only the second time this year. I’m excited to meet another creative in Denver and have some fun photos to share with you soon! Other than that, we don’t have many plans.

I’m planning on running the Rock and Roll AZ half marathon in January. That means my training officially begins on Sunday. I’m excited to train for a race! I need to build up my cold weather running clothes. ┬áThinking I need to add a warm base layer and maybe a jacket to my wardrobe.


I applied to be a style contributor to one of my favorite momma blogs and was accepted! I will share more details soon!!


I should be getting used to it, but kiddos with stuffy, runny noses aren’t much fun. I need to get better about giving them elderberry syrup daily now that we’re heading into cold and flu season.


I was telling my friend Heather that I needed more sweaters for the Colorado climate. She sent me a link to this leopard sweater from Target. I immediately ran to the store to pick it up. At $20, it’s a no brainer! I’ve already worn it with black jeans and loafers.

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