Weekend Roundup: No. 220


Welp, that was an unplanned break from blogging. This is less a weekend roundup and more a life update.

I woke up on a Saturday morning to find my blog was offline. I soon learned it was the white screen of death (really, that’s what it’s called). After a lot of back and forth with my hosting provider, it was back up and running, but may or may not have been infected with malware.

Switching hosting providers to a service that would offer more security and better customer service had been on my to do list for a year or more. So I took all of this as a sign to make the switch. (I’m now using Flywheel if you’re interested.)

All that to say, I’m overdue for a quick catch-up on our recent goings on!

Over Lawson’s spring break, we took our first family vacation in well over a year. We spent two nights near Aspen swimming in the pool and cuddling up in one room at night. I honestly didn’t expect too much, but we had such fun. Lawson went to ski school for a day. My mama heart was so proud watching him ski for the first time.

On that trip we crossed off three more states on our license plate game. We only have four left! I’m the only one playing at this point, but I’m in it to win it.

Since I haven’t been writing blog posts, I’ve had plenty of time to read at night. I’ve finished five books recently – The Royal Runaway, The Mommy Group, Who Thought This Was a Good Idea, Where the Crawdads Sing and My Favorite Half-Night Stand. I’m taking a little break, but next up will be Daisy Jones & the Six.

My April healthy habit is to walk 10,000 steps a day. While I haven’t accomplished it every day this month, I am making an effort and have even been running with the double jogging stroller!

I’m not sure how it happened, but today is Lawson’s 4th birthday. We spent a lot of time together on Saturday, just the two of us, and I found myself staring at him. Willing myself to remember these moments. We held hands, stopped to explore whenever he wanted and indulged in a few treats. I’m squeezing in all the extra snuggles and saying yes whenever he asks to be held even if it means I’m carrying two toddlers in my arms.

And with that, I’m off to write my little luv a birthday note and do some last minute prep for his special day.


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