Weekend Roundup: No. 229


I did it, I made it through 7 days of solo parenting! I never would have had the courage to do it on my own two years ago. Now it seems like a breeze. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all very excited Jim is back!

Lawson has been in a space art camp all week for 3 hours each morning. It is such fun to see what he brings home every day. I want to frame one for their bedroom.

Sybil and I have been spending our one on one time outdoors. We run, we walk, we go to swim and music. I even hit 10,000 steps before noon yesterday.

I have struggled to drink enough water since we moved to Colorado almost a year ago. So when I came across a 6-week water challenge on Instagram, I immediately joined. I’ve made my goal each day this week. On Monday I swear I was peeing every 30 minutes (seriously, Sybil kept asking if I had to go potty again), but yesterday I felt like I couldn’t drink enough.

Madewell is kicking off the holiday sales with 25% off select items. The white jeans and current year’s version of the shirt I’m wearing in this post are both included in the sale.

One of the best workouts I’ve ever done is barre3. I loved going to the studio when we lived in Arizona. Then I subscribed to the online version when we lived in LA, which exceeded my expectations. I was very happy to see barre3 is doing an #barre3anywhere program for the month of July that you can join for free. I already signed up!

This weekend I plan to get at least one solo run in along with a pedicure. Lawson has baseball tomorrow morning and we have two tickets to the Rockies game on Sunday. Other than that, we’re plan free!


The excitement Lawson and Sybil had for greeting their daddy at the airport was pretty special.


My last few trips to Target I’ve steered clear of Sweet Martha’s frozen chocolate chip cookies in an effort to eat healthier. Well, I got screwed because in that timeframe, Target stopped carrying them. I would have bought them out!


I saw this eyelet flutter sleeve tee in store last week after my girlfriend told me she ordered it. It is so cute and soft. The navy is on my wish list, but the reviewers say white is the best colorway.


I have 100 page left of The Idea of You. I literally stop myself from reading it because I don’t want it to be over even though I already know the ending. I don’t usually read romance, but it’s so good.

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