Weekend Roundup: No. 235

Fall Outfit

Oh September, you haven’t started off well. Lawson was at school for two days before bringing home a cold that both Sybil and Jim caught too. I realize this is a first world, stay at home “problem” but having the kiddos on opposite school schedules is more of a pain than I thought it would be. But, again, I realize this “problem” is a privileged one to have. Next year Lawson will be in kindergarten and I’ll be wishing to have these days back, opposite schedules and all.

My LDW Sale purchases arrived this week. The Mother jeans were too small – I should have looked closer at the reviews to order a size up. I’m not too bummed though, I don’t really need another pair of jeans.

I really liked the fit of the cashmere sweater from J Crew. The slight side slits are flattering. The cashmere isn’t quite as soft as the Everlane cashmere crew sweaters, but for half the price and a unique color way, I’m keeping it. The photo above is one way I’m planning to wear it this fall. I also like this merino wool sweater. The ivory is my favorite but I can’t wear that color and settled on burgundy instead.

We started Whole30 on Monday. I had been relying heavily on a sweet treat and crunchy carbs to get through the day (chips and salsa/guac anyone??). I’m pleasantly surprised it’s been easier than I expected. Full disclosure – on day 1 Jim promised the kids ice cream from Sweet Cow as a send off to summer and I couldn’t resist. I don’t feel bad about it though. My goals this time around are to feel better overall (less bloating and stomach pain), lose 3-5 pounds, clean my gut before surgery next month and retrain my body to eat just a tiny bit healthier. So if I indulge in a treat with my family at one of our favorite places, who cares!  

Simplified Planner launched their 2020 edition this week. I’ve used the Daily planner for the past 3 or 4 years. One year I tried to switch and made it to February before I went back to Simplified Planner. I like that it lays flat, has lots of room for a daily to do list (I include basics such as take vitamins and drink water), and the weekly prep prompts every Sunday.

This weekend Sybil and I are heading to Minneapolis for the 20 year reunion of my first job at Arthur Andersen. I’m so excited! I’ve been helping to plan the event and am really looking forward to connecting with former colleagues I haven’t seen in years. The three years I spent working at Andersen was a special period in my life. 

On Sunday, we’ll hang with my brother and mom before going home. I’m trying to convince my brother to join me for a barre3 class in Sunday morning, but I’m not sure it will work out. 

Meanwhile in Colorado, Jim’s Dad is coming for a short visit. I expect golf and ice cream will be on their agenda. Lawson also has his first soccer practice/game. I’m bummed to miss it and have already requested photos. 


I struggled to come up with a true high point this week. When I think back on my week, a moment or feeling generally jumps out at me. Not so much this week.


The continued independent streak of my youngest born. I love that she’s opinionated, assertive and independent. However, the daily struggles to get dressed, in her carseat and bedtime are taking their toll on my patience. 


Since Sybil stopped napping, I’ve tried to incorporate quiet time into our afternoon routine. So far it’s a complete fail. If you have helpful tips, send them my way. But in trying to find things to occupy them during quiet time, I came across a neat podcast, But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids. We’ve listened to episodes on trains, why sugar is bad for you and why mosquitoes bite. 


I started That’s What Frenemies Are For but couldn’t get into it so I switched to Red, White and Royal Blue. 

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