Weekend Roundup: No. 238


Happy Friday! How was your week? Lately ours feels like every day is the same. Maybe because Lawson or Sybil have preschool every day? I’m trying to make the most of our last year before Lawson starts kindergarten and don’t feel like I’m succeeding. They have two days off school next week so I’m brainstorming something fun for us to do.

Can you believe it’s October??! Jim commented that the calendar turned to October and the weather in Denver changed overnight. There’s even snow in the forecast for next week. Bring on sweater weather, pumpkin patches and big bowls of soup.

When Jim asked if he could cancel our Netflix subscription a few weeks ago, I balked at the suggestion. I stopped watching The Crown in the middle of season two for no real reason. His request was just the kick I needed to finish out season two before season three comes out in mid-November. If you liked Downton Abbey, I think you’d like The Crown too!

Speaking of Downton Abbey, have you seen the movie? I haven’t been to a movie theater in years (or watched one at home for that matter – two hours seems like such a long commitment…), but I definitely want to see it. 

I’ve been following along with Harry and Meghan’s South Africa tour via Elizabeth Holmes on Instagram. Meghan’s outfits have been my favorite part. I want to recreate this one immediately (Madewell denim jacket) (20-30% off at Madewell), Mother jeans, J Crew white shirt, shoes, Madewell bag).

Jim’s mom arrived on Wednesday night for a weekend visit. Lawson and Sybil have been so excited. Today we’re going out to lunch and then to our favorite toy store. Tomorrow Lawson has soccer practice/stand in the middle of the field time. On Sunday, we’re planning to check out Chautauqua for brunch and a hike. 


Usually when I put Lawson and Sybil to bed, I’m ready for it to be a quick process. We have our routine and I’m no nonsense when following it. But this week I laid in bed with Lawson until he fell asleep. I didn’t think about the other stuff I wanted to do that night. Instead I snuggled up next to him and held hands, gave eskimo kisses and talked. It was lovely and a reminder to slow down.


My car has been at the dealership getting repairs for over a week. I’ve sunk more more into it in the past year than I care to admit. I really like my car and now I’m really stuck with it for the next 2-3 years.


I was walking through Nordstrom yesterday (by myself!) and saw this cute Madewell ruffle neck top. It’s pretty sheer, but darling (and 20-30% off right now!


I did something I’ve never done before – returned to the library two books I couldn’t get into. I picked up When We Left Cuba on Monday and have been enjoying it much more than the others! I also got a copy of American Royals, which I’m super excited to read.

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