Weekend Roundup: No. 259

The Flatshare

Happy Friday! It’s starting to feel like spring in Colorado, which is absolutely lovely. On the flip side, the first confirmed cases of coronavirus in Colorado occurred this week. Not so lovely. 

We have two trips we want to take in the next six weeks. Jim jokingly asked if we should stay put with coronavirus spreading. Even though he wasn’t serious, his comment did make me think. Ticket prices will surely be cheaper, which is a bonus!

This week was a busy one. We spent all of Tuesday and most of Wednesday out of the house from morning to night. There was even an impromptu dinner out on Tuesday. While it was a lot of fun, I was exhausted!

I didn’t work out as much or eat as healthy as I’d like this week. I’m definitely feeling it. I’m struggling to get into a consistent workout routine. It seems I’m either at twice a week or 5 days/week, never in between.

This weekend we have birthday parties on both Saturday and Sunday. The temperature is scheduled to hit 70 on Saturday. As you can imagine, I am quite happy about it.

Did you know Daylight Savings Time is on Sunday? The beginning of March seems so early! Spring forward, fall back, right? How am I in my 40’s and still find it confusing? 


Lawson and I quickly dropped Sybil off at preschool and headed to the Children’s Museum for 90 minutes. It was fun to have one on one time with him doing something for him instead of running errands.


After weeks without a true low point, I have a trio of them this week. My car needs another $3k in maintenance which will bring my 18 month total to around $15,000. Yes, it makes me sick to my stomach. Speaking of stomach and sickness, Sybil threw up yesterday morning. It threw off (pun intended) my whole day. She didn’t go to school, Lawson didn’t go to gymnastics and I didn’t get to run. I think she just choked on her vitamins because she didn’t get sick again. Finally, Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race. I admired her plans for everything and how she carried herself throughout the campaign. 


I can’t think of one this week!


I went with the Instagram poll results and started City of Girls this week. I also need to pick up Anna K from the library. 

P.S. I feel like this is the most boring weekend roundup I’ve ever shared. I promise to do better next week!

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