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Weekend Roundup: No. 267


Happy Weekend! Our weather has been up and down, but I’m hoping for lots of sunshine the next two days. I miss our meals on the deck and afternoons spent outside. 

Although I didn’t publish any blog posts this week, I’ve been busy prepping a few different topics. I’m 90% finished with our COVID-19 grocery shopping process and list, details about my hysterectomy surgery, 5 random things I’m loving right now, my favorite Cuyana products (these are also great for gifts), and the best basic essentials for guys. 

We officially cancelled our summer vacation with my family. We were planing on spending a week in July in Big Sky, Montana. My parents were able to get a full refund, which is great. 

Even though it’s disappointing that we don’t have a trip to look forward to seeing each other, it’s too hard to know what restrictions there will or will not be in two months. As I keep reminding myself, I’d much rather limit travel and seeing family for a year than for someone to get sick. 

I haven’t mentioned it here or on social media, but we were approached by the owner of the house we’ve been renting in February asking if we were interested in buying it. We definitely were and went through the process of getting pre-approved for a loan. Then all of the stay at home orders started and the job market was uncertain so we held off on making an offer. 

Last week we felt comfortable moving forward and did make an offer. It was below the asking price, but we were hopeful we’d be able to negotiate. We are not using a realtor since we’re already renting the home so it was a little hard to determine a fair market value to make an offer. 

While we didn’t expect them to accept the offer, we were hopeful they’d counteroffer. They didn’t. I’m disappointed, but we’re not giving up. We’re going to do some additional research and potentially go back with another offer. If it doesn’t work out, that will be okay too. 

Lawson had a virtual kindergarten roundup this week. When they talked about them as the Class of 2032, I felt tears spring to my eyes. I have been so, so lucky to spend almost every day with him. The thought of your little baby going to kindergarten is hard to process. And who knows what classes will look like this fall. All I do know is Lawson is interested in learning to read, loves math and is ready for this next stage of life.

This was our last week of preschool. To celebrate, they had a drive through parade on Friday. Lawson was very excited to graduate. He said he’ll miss his teachers next year, but we figured out he will have a late start one day a week and will be able to drop Sybil off at preschool with me and say hello to his teachers and friends. Sybil got the nicest notes from her teachers. It’s fun to hear what others think about your children and get a glimpse into how they are when you’re not with them. 

This weekend we may drive across Denver to get takeout from Shake Shack. I have a craving for it and can’t get it out of my head. Plus a longer drive is nice to break up the day. I told Jim I wanted to run twice and not cook on Saturday night. Those are my requirements for a successful weekend!


The kids and I saw a coyote on one of our walks this week and I just saw a fox run through the neighborhood. On the other hand, a snake sighting would be a low point. 


It’s a tie between the house and cancelling our family trip. 


These joggers will definitely be included in my 5 random things post, but I can’t wait to share and have to include them here as well. They are pricey, but well worth it. The joggers were on my Mother’s Day wish list and I decided to gift them to myself. They arrived on Tuesday, I immediately put them on and never wanted to take them off.  

I got them in an XS. They are meant to be cropped so keep that in mind if that’s not your thing. The joggers are fitted, but that’s the way I like them. 

A couple of tips to get them on sale – I signed up for their email list and got 20% off (the promo code will appear on the site after you sign up). You have to pay for shipping, but it still comes out to a savings. If you are an REI member, their anniversary sale started today. You could use your 20% off coupon on the joggers and they would still ship free. Lastly, they are also sold at Nordstrom in case you have a gift card to cash in.

For a less expensive option, I can’t personally vouch for them, but I’ve read several rave reviews about the Old Navy lounge joggers. They are currently $25 and an additional 25% off.


I read and loved If I Never Met You. Highly recommend. I started Let Your Mind Run, Deena Kastor’s memoir. My neighbor lent it to me last year and I’m finally reading it! I also ordered the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Our Stop and The Happy Ever After Playlist from our local bookstore. I’ve had a good string of books lately and hope it continues.

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  1. Maureen wrote:

    You’ll love The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. It was a fast read and very engaging! I am sorry to hear about your trip and the house situation. It’s definitely hard to navigate. My hubby wants to pursue our summer trip while I am not on the same boat. So, I can relate to you on that. Congratulations to your little guy finishing up school! That’s so awesome. My son has one more week too and then off to first grade. If there’s anything that Covid did that I appreciate, it’s the time I had with my son. No, I didn’t like the homeschooling part especially when it was like pulling teeth but being able to be there and be able to snuggle with him – it’s priceless. Anyway, I hope you get your Shake Shack craving fulfilled this weekend. That sounds good actually! Wishing you and your family a beautiful weekend.

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    Published 5.16.20