Weekend Roundup: No. 268

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Happy last weekend of May! It seems kind of impossible that next week the calendar will turn to June. Lawson and Sybil keep asking me if it’s summer yet. Soon kiddos, soon!

We drove to Arizona to spend a week with Jim’s family and got back to Colorado late on Wednesday night. The 13.5 hour drive was surprisingly better than expected both there and back. Lawson and Sybil traded off watching shows on the iPad every 20 minutes, which mostly kept them happy. While the drive was long, it was worth it to see family and spend hours every afternoon in the pool.

On each leg of the drive, we stopped 5-6 times. Mostly to pee (often on the side of the road) or get gas. We drove through New Mexico on the way there (a bit easier with more freeway) and Utah on the way back (a lot more scenic). 

It was interesting to see the varying restrictions because of COVID throughout our travels. In New Mexico, there were a lot of road signs indicating face masks were required throughout the state. Some towns were closed off to non-residents. 

In Arizona, most things seem to be back to pre-pandemic life. Pools, gyms and restaurants are open. We didn’t leave the house except for walks and golf, other than to pick up cookies curbside once. My viewpoint is very small because we didn’t go out much, but I saw less than a handful of people wearing masks.

On our way back, there were gas stations in northern Arizona that required masks (Navajo Nation has been hit hard by COVID and seems to be taking extra precautions to keep their residents safe), others were no one was wearing a mask other than us and then some spots in between. Colorado is continuing to slowly open. Our city has cancelled July 4th festivities and announced the community pool will not open this summer. 

If you’ve been following along with our home purchase saga, there’s not much of an update. We thought it was on, off, on, off and now we’re back to maybe? I am trying not to get too emotionally invested in it, but that’s hard. The homes in our neighborhood are selling really quick. We have our list of items we’d like to change after living in the house for two years and already have so many memories here. Ugh, send us your good vibes!

It feels wrong to end without mentioning the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this week. I almost didn’t include anything because I honestly don’t know what to say. The video is horrific. I’ve saved several articles to read this weekend to better educate myself about what I can do to help. I encourage you to do the same. 


Lawson was a fearless fish swimming in Arizona. He has not had swim lessons since we moved out of Arizona 3 years ago so he wears floaties, but it’s clear he loves to jump in the pool and chase after his Aunt Kenzie.


Traveling with kids is not without challenges. Lawson and Sybil got up earlier than normal a few mornings (once at 5:45!) and both had days with more than one meltdown. It was well worth it, but it’s good to be home too.


After seeing it all over Instagram, I bought Supergoop Glow Screen a couple of months ago. It is as good as everyone says it is (more about it in my Random 5 from March). It has quickly become a holy grail product. I wear it over my moisturizer/serum every day and instantly feel better when I put it on. Supergoop is having a sale – everything is 20% off, including Glow Screen. 


I read Our Stop by the pool this week. It had some similarities to One Day in December, which I liked a little better. A friend dropped off Untamed by Glennon Doyle, which I’ve heard good things about and am excited to read.

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