Weekend Roundup: No. 273


It’s been a hot week in Colorado. Highs in the low to mid 90s, which makes it hard to do much outside past 10am. We did manage to get out of the house for a large part of the day a couple of times. 

Jim’s sister told us about a geo-caching app they’ve been using. Lawson and Sybil asked about it every time we talked to them. This week I finally downloaded it and we went off on a few different “treasure” hunts. It’s awesome. It’s much easier to get outside even in the heat when we have something we’re searching for. I’ve told every parent I know about it. 

I started watching season 3 of The Crown. It’s been months since I finished season 2. They   fast forwarded have a new cast and it’s hard for me to remember who everyone is, but I’m getting into it. It’s such a well done series. 

Have you watched The Babysitter’s Club on Netflix? Gosh, I loved those books. I’m planning on watching season 1 next. 

The upcoming school session is weighing heavily on my mind both for Lawson and Sybil. We’re waiting to hear from the school district what the plan is this fall. 

For Sybil, we have more flexibility and are leaning towards keeping her at home, at least for the first few months. Even though she’s only enrolled for 3 hours, 3 days a week, we don’t feel that she’s going to transition well back into school, especially when I can no longer walk into the school with her, she has to wear a mask, etc. It’s so hard to know what is best for each of them and us as a family. 

This weekend will include golf, an at home movie, and cleaning the house to prep for my family’s visit next week. To say I’m excited is an understatement!


I worked out 6 days this week! Starting my day off with a morning run is keeping me sane (most days).


Our neighborhood snake hadn’t been seen in 1.5 weeks until this morning. Fortunately, it was a few houses down the street, but I was hopeful it was back in the open space. 


Since I can’t stop talking about it to friends and strangers alike, it has to be the geo-caching app. I think kids of all ages would have fun with it. 


I forgot I pre-ordered The Heir Affair, the sequel to The Royal We. It arrived on Tuesday so I’m switching between The Heir Affair and Untamed. Somehow I received two copies of The Heir Affair so if you’d like my extra, let me know!

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