Weekend Roundup: No. 284

Rocky Mountain National Park

Happy Friday! We had a chilly fall morning yesterday. I kind of looked forward to it! I wanted an excuse to wear my cozy Dudley Stephens fleece. I recently bought the Park Slope in terry fleece in my normal size and love it. (I also have the Park Slope in vello fleece in my normal size, but would recommend sizing up in that one.) I’m trying to focus on the fun parts of fall and winter and that includes clothes!

I read a Cup of Jo’s post on How Will You Stay Cheerful This Winter. A lot of the comments reinforced the message of having the proper gear. I have not enjoyed winter for years, but I think a lot of that had to do with the fact I didn’t have the right gear (along with too many gray days). 

When we moved to Colorado and were shopping for gloves, hats, jackets, etc., Jim told me to get a pair of gloves that cost $100. I was very resistant because that is so much money for a pair of gloves, but every time I wear them to shovel, ski or play in the snow I am grateful. Turns out having the right gear truly does make a difference. 

Last Sunday I took the kids to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was colder than I expected and I was not prepared with the right gear! We did see 20-30 elk in the meadow, fish in Sprague Lake and two deer that ran out in front of the car. Our time outdoors was limited, but it was still fun and I’m glad we went. 

I discovered the last season of Schitt’s Creek is now streaming on Netflix. We’ve been watching 2-3 episodes each night. It kind of takes the place of our weekly Ted Lasso viewing. 

If you haven’t voted yet, check out Vote Save America’s resources to build your own ballot. You enter your address and there’s information on all the candidates from the presidential election on down to local amendments and propositions. I used it in 2018 and found it very helpful. You can use it as you fill out your mail in ballot or print a completed version to bring with you in person. 

This week we spent as much time outside as possible with walks to the park and through the open space. Sybil took a nasty spill off her scooter going down a hill, which quickly ended that walk. She ended up with road rash on her leg and back, and a big bump on her forehead. She’s a tough cookie though and bounced back the next day while I trailed behind telling her to slow down. 😂

Tonight I am having a glass of wine with my neighborhood friends. Other than that, I pretty much don’t have anything planned. In my experience, that does not equate to a particularly good weekend so I’ve got to figure something out. Jim is golfing on Saturday and Sunday – Lawson, Sybil and I will have plenty of quality time together!


Lawson and Sybil have discovered UNO and it’s not an exaggeration to say we play it 5 times a day. One game took us an hour this week! It’s really fun to play together. 


Lots of middle of the night wake ups by everyone in the house. 

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