Weekend Roundup: No. 285

Pumpkin Patch

Happy Friday! My goal this week was to get outside every day. Even though we had to bundle up yesterday, we made it out for a walk around the block. Whenever the arguing gets out of hand, I round them up to get outside. It works almost every time. 

We started off the week with a play date and trip to the pumpkin patch. I will admit the idea of going to the pumpkin patch was more enticing than it actually was, but Lawson and Sybil loved it so it was worth it in the end. We mixed in a lot of school, speech therapy for both Lawson and Sybil, and a few things around the house.

As the temperatures have dropped, one thing I’ve started doing when I come downstairs each morning is turn on the fireplace and light a candle. It takes less than a minute total and makes me happy. 

I am behind on listening to my favorite podcasts since I haven’t been running as much as I did this summer. I really want to binge season 2 of RomCom Pods. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed season 1 until it was over! 

Anyone else feel like the holidays are starting earlier than normal this year? It makes sense with everyone stuck inside and looking to change it up a bit. The Health-Ade holiday cheers kombucha is my favorite flavor. I am not mad about the fact that it’s already available online. Lawson and I were quite excited when our first case arrived yesterday!

J. Crew is really starting the holiday sales early. This weekend they have 50% off with a few exclusions. There isn’t anything new that caught my eye, but I do wear this teddy coat all winter (it’s also going to be on an upcoming gift guide) and have a couple of the tissue turtlenecks for layering.

This weekend I am signed up to phone bank on Saturday and Sunday (you can find volunteer opportunities at Vote Save America from text/phone banking to delivering yard signs). Jim and Lawson are getting their hair cut. We’ll be snuggled inside on Sunday when the high is forecasted to be 23! 

This afternoon the kiddos and I are running errands with a trip to Boulder. My not so secret motivation is to pick up dinner from Bar Taco while we’re there! 


We voted! Over the weekend I did all the research for my ballot and filled it out. When I actually put it in the dropbox on Wednesday, it was very exciting. I even made Lawson to take a photo from the backseat!


The wildfires in Colorado. Last Saturday a fire started near Boulder and you could see the flames from our open space. The largest wildfire in Colorado history has been burning for over two months and 200,000 acres. 


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