Weekend Roundup: No. 304

Hi! How has your week been? We had a low-key, but fun 4th of July. The kids stayed up late and we went to see the fireworks. 

We switched some summer activities out this week. I actually like the variety of classes – art, swim, tennis, golf. Yesterday I took Lawson and Sybil to Winter Park for the night. We went last summer with my family and they loved riding the gondola and playing mini-golf. So we decided to make it a little mid-summer break. Since we had been there last year, I felt comfortable taking them on my own. Jim stayed back at home to work.

The daylight hours were great. In addition to the mini-golf and gondola, there was a playground structure that we didn’t see last year that they loved climbing around on. They got ice cream and we all ate too many French fries. Nighttime wasn’t as great – I forgot our sound machine (major packing fail), the hotel didn’t have A/C, and the window had a half moon at the top without a window covering. I like my hotel rooms dark and cool at night. This was neither, but we survived. 

I purchased a digital Peloton subscription (no bike or treadmill) and have tried the stretching, yoga and outdoor running. The yoga and outdoor running in particular have been great. Most of my running recently has just been plodding along listening to a podcast. Having someone remind me of proper form and mixing it up with a true warmup, intervals and cool down was a game changer. I’m excited to run again!

We have camping reservations next weekend and need to plan that trip. Before our two week road trip earlier this summer, Jim and I had a planning meeting. It was so helpful to have a dedicated discussion to go over our itinerary, meals, etc. We’ll be gone for 3 nights this time, which is the longest we’ll have camped as a family of four. If you have any meal recommendations, send them my way! 

This weekend Lawson has a golf lesson on Saturday morning. I’ve put off cleaning the kitchen and our bathroom about as long as I can so those are on my to do list as well. Other than that, we’ll be hanging out trying to stay cool.

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