Weekend Roundup: No. 305

Happy Friday! We made it through our first week of school. Woohoo! Both Lawson and Sybil started on Wednesday. Sybil is going to a half day program and Lawson is in 1st grade full time. I definitely shed tears for days leading up to the big milestone and the actual first day of school.

The highlight of every afternoon is hearing stories about their day. Sybil is at their old preschool, which is much smaller than the K-8 school that Lawson attends. Funny story from this week – Lawson and a friend didn’t hear the whistle to go in for lunch one day. Eventually a 5th grader on recess found them, took them to the office, and they were returned to their classroom where the teacher was into their next lesson. If that’s not the definition of letting go control of your child, I don’t know what is. It’s funny and slightly horrifying at the same time!

And what did I do with my couple of hours alone this week? Cleaned out the playroom, but left it just messy enough the kiddos didn’t even notice all the extra *stuff* I got rid of. I had an interview for a part-time position. It didn’t work out, but it was still a good experience and really got me to think about my ideal next career step (10-ish hours a week of remote accounting support or project management on a contract basis). I also ran errands by myself, which was delightful. 

I rarely shop at Banana Republic these days, but their new fall arrivals caught my eye. The styling is really good, particularly this midi dress (with those sandals and hoop earrings!) and this popover shirt.

The other day I posted a poll on Instagram debating between clogs and sneakers for fall. While the official results were pretty evenly split, my brother and another friend both gave a thumbs down to the clogs and sneakers. It got me thinking about it a bit more – neither of them really felt like my style. Yes, I might wear them for a season and plan some outfits around them that I really liked, I couldn’t see myself wearing them season after season. Ultimately I decided to pass on both of them. I really do aspire to have a wardrobe of carefully curated items that I am excited to wear year after year. I don’t always succeed, but it was a good reminder to stay focused on the items that are truly me. So I’m passing that reminder on to you too!

It’s been very quiet on the blog the past few weeks. Jim had a couple of trips which meant solo parenting for me while packing in all of the summer fun. I savored every last moment of the last few weeks, but I’m planning to get back on track next week with new posts (latest reading list, back to school shopping for boys and girls, fall capsule wardrobe, what I bought in August). 

This weekend we’re celebrating my birthday before rolling into another school week and Sybil’s 5th birthday on Wednesday. Have a great weekend!

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