What I Wore: No. 12

My favorite outfit this week was one I didn’t photograph. I wore an eyelet Madewell top, jeans and boots with my old Banana Republic faux fur jacket (worn here) out to dinner with some mom friends on Wednesday night. It was my high point of the week.

Winter Running Outfit

SATURDAY AM: shirt // vest (old) // tights (old) // shoes // headband (similar)

I went for a long run of almost 7 miles on Saturday morning. I loved it! I didn’t care about my pace and just enjoyed it. It’s a goal of mine to do a long run every weekend. My vest and tights are 4 years old from Nike. Both were Christmas gifts from Jim that year. I cannot find a similar vest, but it’s been perfect for winter running. I realize that’s pretty unhelpful!

Weekend Outfit

SATURDAY PM: shirt // jeans // slippers

After my run, I showered and put on my “day clothes” as Sybil calls them. Turns out my only afternoon activity was a nap with Sybil.

Madewell Denim Jacket

MONDAY: sweater // jeans // sneakers (similar) // jacket // tote

On Monday it seemed like Sybil was feeling better so we headed to Voodoo Donuts and Tattered Cover, our favorite local bookstore.

Madewell Turtleneck

TUESDAY: shirt (similar) // jeans // sneakers

WEDNESDAY: sweatpants // sneakers (similar) // jacket // tote

I went out to dinner on Wednesday night, but didn’t shower until 5pm so this was my outfit for most of the day.

Everlane Sweatshirt

THURSDAY: sweatshirt // jeans // sneakers (similar) // jacket // tote

Sybil’s nose has been a faucet. I had so many tissues in my sweatshirt and jacket pockets in this photo.

J Crew Teddy Coat

FRIDAY: sweater // jeans // shoes // coat // tote

I finally wore a different pair of jeans! It was 55 degrees so I decided to break out my mules too. On Fridays we go out to lunch and it’s always a highlight of the week.


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