What I Wore: No. 14

Kule Striped Shirt

SATURDAY: shirt // jeans // jacket // sneakers // tote

My striped shirt is new from Kule. I will do a proper review between it and my Saint James striped shirt soon. At first wear, it seems slightly smaller than my Saint James shirt, but I didn’t even notice by the end of the day. I am very excited to wear the Kule striped shirt with these shorts and sandals this summer.

Outdoor Voices Tank

SUNDAY: tank // leggings // sneakers // hat

This photo was taken soon after I returned from a 7.5 mile run. The weather was gorgeous and it was nice to be outside. Not shown are my AirPods and the running belt I use on every outdoor run.

Dudley Stephens Park Slope Fleece

MONDAY: shirt // fleece // jeans // boots // hat // tote

Oh, how quickly the weather can change in Colorado. Cold and snowy, but I was cozy in my Dudley Stephens fleece (worth the investment, IMO).

Tissue Turtleneck

TUESDAY: turtleneck // sweater // jeans // boots

Same turtleneck, different sweater.

Everlane Sweatshirt

WEDNESDAY: turtleneck // sweatshirt // jeans // boots

Madewell Dot Top

THURSDAY: shirt // jeans // boots // coat // tote

I wore this outfit to a HeyMama event on Thursday night. I got two compliments on my shirt, which always feels nice.

Patagonia Snowpants

FRIDAY: jacket // pants // boots // hat

Our second snow day of the week! My mom’s flight was delayed four hours, but she made it. This was my shoveling outfit. I hadn’t shoveled since last year and forgot how hard it was!

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