What I Wore: No. 19

I’m back with another collection of outfits I’ve worn the past two weeks in quarantine. Some days I wear leggings and workout gear. More often I put on jeans or shorts and a shirt before switching to workout wear in the afternoon.

We’ve gone from sledding in a snowstorm to 80 and sunshine. It’s one of the most fun parts of living in Colorado. I never quite know what to expect and definitely check my weather app on a daily basis.

White Madewell Jeans

shirt // jeans (current version)

I am pretty sure I changed out of this outfit within 2 hours when I decided to wash the kitchen floor. Some days the act of choosing an outfit and getting dressed takes longer than the time I spend in said outfit.

shirt // jeans

Saint James Striped Shirt

shirt // jeans // socks

Kule Striped Shirt

shirt // jeans // sandals

Is there a limit to the number of striped shirts one person can own and wear? No, there is not. It’s on my list to do a post comparing my favorites (Saint James, Kule and The Striped Sheep).

sweater // jeans

Agolde Parker Shorts

shirt // shorts

Black Shirt Dress

dress // tote // bag strap

I don’t shop Banana Republic often, but I find a dress or two there every year. I had bookmarked this shirt dress and randomly checked it one Friday night to find it was marked down to $20. It’s still available in black and white in a few sizes and also comes in a stripe version. The price goes up and down. If you’re in the market for a quality shirt dress, keep checking for different sizes and price.

The Striped Sheep

shirt // jeans

This is the latest addition to my striped shirt collection. I absolutely love it. It’s like a big smile looking back at me when I walk into my closet.

Agolde Shorts

shirt // shorts // sandals

Saint James Shirt

shirt // jeans (similar) // sandals

And in case you didn’t believe that I wear my striped shirts often, here’s 3 photos in a row.

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