10 Day Summer Packing List


I am heading to my parents in Minnesota at the end of the month for 10 days. As I started planning what I was going to bring, I was surprised how easily it came together. These 24 items are essentially my summer capsule wardrobe (you’ll notice there are several repeats from my summer packing list for a beach vacation from last year).

Most of our time will be spent at my parents, which is very much a casual environment. We do have outings to Como Park and the Mall of America (the LEGO store is high on Lawson’s list) on our must do list.

If I were heading to the beach, I’d add a dress and another swimsuit. There’s nothing worse than putting on a wet suit!

I linked the exact items in my closet except where indicated. In that case, I linked a similar option unless I couldn’t find one.

10 Day Summer Packing List

ONE // Eyelet Tee: This tee is exceptionally soft and comes in 4 colors. The eyelet makes it easy to dress up.

TWO // Ruffle Sleeve Top: I love it so much, I bought it in both white and black. It’s the perfect summer shirt with jeans or shorts.

THREE // Ex-Boyfriend Tank: This style is looser than others. I reach for it on days I want to be extra comfortable.

FOUR // Chambray Top (similar): There’s something so summery about a chambray top with white denim.

FIVE // Cotton Shirt: I have the striped version of this shirt from two years ago and still wear it all the time.

SIX // Floral Top: The only floral I own, but it’s perfect for summer. I did see a few for sale on Poshmark (it’s the Madewell Fan Floral top).

SEVEN // Striped Shirt: You can never have too many stripes. This rainbow striped version is a new favorite, while this classic Breton style has been a go to for years.

EIGHT // V-Neck Tee: It’s $8 and comes in a ton of colors. It’s held up really well for the price point.

NINE // Cozy Sweatshirt: For cool nights or frigid air conditioning, I always bring a cozy sweatshirt.


TEN // White Jeans: These make it easy to look crisp and polished with any of the tops I have packed for this trip.

ELEVEN // Denim Shorts: You either love denim shorts or hate them. I’m in the love them camp. I will probably wear these more than the jeans.

TWELVE // Skinny Jeans: A pair of skinny jeans that fit great come on every trip I take.

Shoes & Accessories

THIRTEEN // Birkenstock Sandals: These are my go to, everyday sandals.

FOURTEEN // Fedora Hat: My beach hat. My I haven’t washed my hair in days hat. It instantly makes any outfit better.

FIFTEEN // Dressier Sandals (similar): For those outings when I want to dress up just a bit, I’ll throw these on.

SIXTEEN // Crossbody Bag: I debated purchasing this bag for over a year and am so glad I did. A crossbody is perfect for travel and keeping your hands free with kiddos.

SEVENTEEN // Baseball Hat: I would have bought this hat whether or not we lived in LA. The color is my favorite shade of blue. I wear it running, to the pool and basically any time I’m outside.

EIGHTEEN // Summer Bag: The completely impractical, but still so fun bag. Sometimes I’ll plan a date night just so I can use this bag. If I’m short on packing space, I’ll leave it at home for this trip since I don’t see any date or girl’s nights in my future.

Pajamas and Workout Wear

NINETEEN // Short Pajama Set: Lake Pajamas are a splurge that’s worth it. They are so soft and hold up through multiple washings.

TWENTY // Swimsuit: I have the Summersalt Sidestroke in a blue color way that’s no longer available, but the Sea Urchin and Sangria are also great options.

TWENTY-ONE // Long Pajama Set: In the past, I’ve made the mistake of only packing a short set in the summer. Not anymore my friends. Sometimes the AC makes it so cold inside that I want to wear pants.

TWENTY-TWO // Sports Bra: I’m still in search of a go to sports bra. Right now I have an assortment of brands and styles, none of which are currently sold. If you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear it!

TWENTY-THREE // Running Shorts: I own 3 of these shorts and I’m taking all of them. I am very much looking forward to a few runs without the hills.

TWENTY-FOUR // Workout Tank: I favor tank tops with a higher neckline so I don’t have to worry about putting sunscreen on my chest.

A few other things that didn’t make the collage…my go to running socks, bras (Natori Feathers for day, Lively bralette at night), and underwear (Hanky Panky during the day, Lively bikinis at night). (Both the Natori Feathers bra and Hanky Panky underwear are sure to be included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that starts on Friday for cardholders.)

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