Life Lately

Life Lately

Since I skipped last Friday’s weekend roundup for the holiday, I thought I’d do a little life lately post.

We had a lazy 4th of July with a trip to a new to us park, stop for a smoothie, late afternoon run for me and finally our first fireworks in Colorado. Lawson and Sybil loved it and were exhausted by the time we got home. I realize it sounds a little nuts, but crowds make me anxious (I have a fear of mass shootings and feel the same way at concerts and sporting events). There was a lot of lightning that night, which added to my anxiety. I didn’t find it relaxing, but I loved that Lawson and Sybil loved it.

On Saturday I started round two of potty training Sybil. It’s a process, but has been so much better than the first time I tried six months ago. I regret sticking it out for a week at the time. For anyone interested, I follow the Oh Crap method.

Since potty training has been such a focus the past four days, I haven’t left the house much. Yesterday we did venture out for 30 minutes without an accident. Today we’re going to try the library. Fingers crossed!

I follow some book Instagram accounts and everyone is raving about Three Women. It released yesterday and my library wait list is already at 80.

I’ve been rethinking my use of Amazon Prime this year. I still use it, but try to combine orders and choose no rush shipping if I truly don’t need it the next day. This John Oliver video may make you think differently about Amazon too.

Did you watch the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday? I was hooked! The players are so inspiring. It’s important to me that Lawson and Sybil see us watch both male and female athletes. This world cup team couldn’t be better role models!


I finally made an orthodontist appointment. It’s one of those things that’s been on my to do list for months and it feels good to cross it off (even if it does mean I’ll likely have braces again soon).


On Sunday night I went for a quick run. I felt the first raindrops within minutes, but thought it would be a light rain. I continued to run through it until I found myself over a mile from home in heavy rain and hail. Luckily Jim and the kiddos came to rescue me. Turns out I can run faster if I need to.


I wore these shorts (worn in the photo above) around the house for days before I decided if they were comfortable enough to keep. Turns out they get better with each wear. They’ll be my go to shorts for the rest of the summer.


I have a book hangover after The Idea of You. I can’t bring myself to start anything new!

I’ll be back on Friday with a preview of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


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