100 Days of Happy



Did you love the long holiday weekend and dread going back to work afterwards? If you did, you are definitely not alone. If not, you are lucky to have found your passion in your work! So many of us live for the weekend because it’s when we spend our time with family and friends doing the things we truly love to do. On this TED Talk former Harvard professor and author Shawn Achor talks about the happiness advantage. His message is very interesting and he’s a pretty hilarious speaker. I highly recommend spending 12 minutes watching it.


Shawn’s message got me thinking about my happiness. I’ve decided to kick off a 100 days of happy challenge starting June 1st. Have you heard of the 100 happy days challenge? The concept is pretty simple – spend time doing something that makes you happy each day for 100 days. According to the website, 71% of people that pledged to complete the challenge failed because they didn’t have enough time. The challenge will be easier for me in some respects since I’ll be jobless come Monday. Regardless, I’ll need to be motivated enough to take action each day.


Do you want to join the challenge with me? If so, sign up here and we can motivate each other. Connect with me on Twitter or Instagram to follow my challenge!


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