2019: The Year in Review

2019 Year in Review

Since this blog partially serves as a diary of sorts, I enjoy looking back on the year and the events that made it up. There were some tough parenting moments in 2019 (I’m looking at your independent and fierce streak, Sybil), but overall the year was great. The four of us + are families are generally healthy so we have nothing to complain about.

2019 Year in Review

    • Reset after the holidays with a mini Whole30 (2018 full meal plan)
    • My brother surprised me for a weekend visit
    • Potty training round 1 was not successful
    • Lawson and Jim went to Arizona while Sybil and I stayed home with influenza 
    • Published a list of all 25 pairs of shoes I own (I need to update and add the two pairs I got in 2019)
    • We got dressed up and attended the preschool fundraiser ball
    • My first post as a style contributor on Momma Society went live (defining your style and cleaning out your closet)
    • Went on our first family vacation in forever during spring break
    • Sybil’s personality emerges – she’s silly and determined
    • Lawson turned 4! We celebrated with a neighborhood birthday party
    • Traveled to the east coast for Easter with Jim’s family
    • Our first camping trip of the year in Rocky Mountain National Park
    • Completed all CPE for my CPA license over a year early!
    • Made our first cake from scratch
    • Survived 8 days of solo parenting, I’d even say we thrived!
    • Lawson had to have a tooth pulled :(
    • Saw a rather large snake slither through our background. Thankfully we didn’t see it again
    • Did a giveaway of a favorite book series, The Southern Side of Paradise
    • Potty training Sybil, this time it was a success
    • Quick solo weekend trip to Arizona for some friend time
    • Spent 10 days in Minnesota
    • Took Lawson and Sybil fishing for the first time
    • Got caught running in a rainstorm
    • Jim and I went to the Mumford & Sons concert – best night of the year
    • Family camping trip to RMNP and turned 43 in San Diego
    • Sybil turned 3 and started preschool
    • Sybil and I went to Minneapolis for a night to attend my 20-year Andersen reunion
    • Jim and Lawson had a boy’s weekend with Popsie
    • Sybil’s first field trip with her class
    • Jim’s mom came for a visit
    • Visited the pumpkin patch
    • Closed out the month with surgery to remove Ronnie the (fib)roid
    • Spent the month with my Mom visiting to help us out post-surgery
    • Visited friends for a fun and delicious Thanksgiving dinner
    • Took our family holiday photos followed by pizza and ice cream
    • Went to the Boulder Parade of Lights
    • Traveled to Arizona for girls night and a visit with Jim’s family
    • Hosted Christmas with my parents and brother

We’re starting off 2020 with a bad cold for Lawson, but we’re ready for whatever the year brings!

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