25 Facts About Me

25 facts about me

In honor of my birthday week, I thought I’d share 25 facts about me that you might not know. I always enjoy reading these types of posts. It’s a fun way to get to know someone better. So here we go!

  1. Ever since having kids, I need to sleep with a sound machine
  2. I’ve been keeping a one a day journal for 6 years
  3. I saw Adele in concert at San Diego State University in 2011. It is still one of the top 5 concerts I’ve been to
  4. I have a fibroid the size of a softball in my uterus
  5. This same fibroid grew to the size of a football during both my pregnancies
  6. I’ve lived in four homes in the last 5 years
  7. I do not like being cold
  8. I have a fear of crowded events
  9. I’ve worn the same necklace every day for almost 3 years (an initial necklace with Lawson and Sybil’s initials)
  10. The first time I ate edamame, I didn’t realize you weren’t supposed to eat the pod
  11. I have one tattoo and plan to add to my collection this year
  12. Ever since I had kids, I’m terrified of locking them in the car so I never leave my keys in the car even when getting them in and out of carseats
  13. As a child, I collected baseball and basketball cards
  14. I don’t like cats
  15. I take the same photo of the mountains on almost every run I’ve been on since moving to Colorado
  16. I’m allergic to certain fruits like apples and peaches unless they are organic
  17. I once fainted at a Mumford & Sons concert. No, I wasn’t drunk
  18. A cheeseburger and fries is my favorite meal
  19. And a perfect chocolate chip cookie is my go to treat
  20. I never planned on being a stay at home mom. For a long time, I didn’t even know if I wanted kids!
  21. My favorite country I’ve visited is Switzerland. The mountains are so beautiful and majestic
  22. My second favorite is Italy. Bring on all the wine, pasta and pizza
  23. I don’t drink coffee. I can’t stand the way it tastes or makes my mouth feel
  24. The beach is my happy place
  25. I’ve read 20 books so far this year

I might make this a semi-regular birthday week theme. This post from two years ago has more fun facts about me!

photo by ana of rosemary & rye

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