Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials

I’m prepping for my first weekend of the year at the beach and thought I’d share my essentials for a day at the beach with you.

a blanket to keep the sand off of me

sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen (I’ve gotten much better about using sunscreen as I’ve gotten older)

a coverup for traveling to and from the beach

hat to keep my face out of the sun

favorite pair of shades

books and magazines

a comb to get out the tangles

a basic black bikini is always classic (i like to mix and match different color tops and bottoms. i’ve also got my eye on this blue bikini)

water bottle to keep hydrated

a fun, striped beach towel (also comes in black, less expensive option here)

and a pair of flip flops


What do you think, did I miss anything?





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