Our Favorite Kids Books

Favorite Kids Books for ages 1 to 3

I should probably say these are our favorite kids book right now because it seems to change week by week. Reading books together is part of Lawson and Sybil’s bedtime routine. One of our favorite outings is a trip to the bookstore. Combined with my love of reading (and buying), we have no shortage of books in our house.

These are our 10 favorite kids books for ages 1 to 3. You may recognize some from my kids book gift guide this past holiday season. They are go to picks for both Lawson and Sybil!

  1. Sheep in a Jeep
  2. Click, Clack, Moo
  3. be brave little one
  4. Don’t Push the Button!
  5. The Pigeon Needs a Bath!
  6. Not Quite Narwhal
  7. Shine!
  8. I Don’t Want to Be a Frog
  9. In My Heart
  10. Ooko

One that I didn’t include simply because it’s been used too much and is now falling apart is The Good Dinosaur: A Friend in the Wild. It was Sybil’s favorite for 2-3 weeks. We had to read it multiple times a day. And then she started ripping out the pages. And that was that.

When Lawson and Sybil get books as a gift for a special occasion (birthdays, Christmas, holidays), I try to write in the front who it’s from and the reason they received it. It’s become one of Lawson’s favorite parts of reading the book. He always looks inside the front cover!

One thing that’s no longer part of our bedtime routine is Lawson’s pacifier. He relied on it whenever he slept, but we decided when he turned 3 that would be enough. Yesterday was our first day without it. His nap was a disaster, but bedtime was slightly better. I’m off to bed though because I have no idea what the night holds for us!



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