9 Jackets for Every Season

Jackets and Coats

After having fun sharing my 25 pairs of shoes, I was inspired to put together this list of the 9 jackets and coats I own.

9 Jackets and Coats for All Seasons

ONE // J. Crew Lady Day: One of the oldest items in my wardrobe, I don’t wear this coat often but it’s perfect for those days when I’m dressed up. It’s one of those timeless pieces that I envision owning forever. Worn here and here

TWO // Banana Republic Faux Fur: I haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book, but I’ve heard enough to know if a piece sparks joy, you keep it. This faux fur definitely does. Worn here and here

THREE // J. Crew Hooded Fatigue (similar): Initially I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this jacket. It turns out the color is more versatile than I expected. I love it with a striped shirt. It’s definitely a spring and fall staple in my closet. Worn here and here

FOUR // Arcteryx Atom: I bought this jacket after trying it on at REI in November. It’s warm without adding bulk. I’ve been rotating between this jacket and my Nau down sweater all winter.

FIVE // Madewell Fleet: Before we decided to move to Denver, I actually had this jacket listed for sale on Poshmark. While I prefer the fit of this jacket, I find myself reaching for the army green J. Crew mentioned above more. If I don’t wear it this spring, I’ll sell it.

SIX // Nau Down Sweater (similar): Jim gifted me a down vest from this brand that I wore to death. When I saw a jacket version on sale before we went to Switzerland eons ago, I immediately ordered it. Similar to the Arcteryx, it is warm without adding bulk. Worn here and here

SEVEN // Banana Republic Leather Moto: A black leather jacket should be a staple in everyone’s closet. I wear mine most in spring and fall. It instantly adds a little something to the most feminine of outfits. Worn here, here and here

EIGHT // Patagonia Better Sweater: I think everyone in my family owns one of these. I throw it on in the morning to warm up after crawling out of bed.

NINE // Patagonia Torrentshell Rain: This jacket comes out of storage when we go camping or hiking. I can go months (years?) between wearing it, but when you need it you need it.

After making the graphic, I realized I forgot to include my Columbia Alpine Action jacket (on sale). I got it before our first ski trip last fall. Jim was insistent on having enough warm gear to make skiing enjoyable. This jacket does the trick.

I also have a Patagonia Nano Puff vest that I wear mostly when hiking, skiing or camping. I think it will also get some use in spring when the weather warms up a bit.

The one item I feel like I’m missing is a denim jacket. I cannot find a fit and color that I love. I’ve recently read good reviews on this Everlane version.

How many jackets and coats do you own? Curious if I have too many or not enough!

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