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Lawson’s Year One


Baby's Year One Infographic

I wanted to capture key milestones from Lawson’s first year. When browsing Pinterest, I came across Poppy Designs adorable year one baby infographics and was inspired to create one of my own for Lawson. It isn’t professional level, but it’s the most fun I’ve had in Photoshop in ages and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


Leading up to Lawson’s first birthday, I didn’t feel any of the “my baby is growing up” blues I’d heard others talk about. I was excited to celebrate with our family. I felt immense pride at everything he’s learned in the past year. So you can imagine my surprise as I felt tears well up when I picked up his cake the day before his birthday. That night I ran to Target to get a few last minute party supplies and found myself in the birthday card aisle. I didn’t have a card for Lawson yet and thought I’d take a look at the 1 year old birthday cards. Again, I felt my eyes well up with tears. I couldn’t bring myself to buy one. And then on the way home, I completely lost it. Big, sobbing, rolling down your face tears. Even now, weeks later, I still can’t articulate my feelings. Pride in my little guy, relief we made it through the first year, complete love for someone else? Who knows, maybe it was the pregnancy hormones. :) He’s already changed so much since his birthday 3 weeks ago. Walking, more teeth. I’m excited to see what the next year brings for my little luv!

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  1. Maggie wrote:

    I am dying to know how you tracked # of diapers and # of books! This is the cutest thing ever. LOVE IT!

    Published 5.2.16
    • Ha, we tracked # of diapers for the first few months, but used an estimate for both diapers and books read. I cheated a little! :)

      Published 5.4.16
  2. Such a great idea! It looks great! I love when you can gather information and display it in a fun way. These would be great to do every year!

    Published 5.11.16
  3. Our little ones are only 6 days apart! My baby was born on 4/3. And his middle name is James too! Love this idea for tracking milestones!

    Published 5.12.16