Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a little more than a week away. If there was ever a year to celebrate the mothers in your life, this is it. I’ve put together 9 gift ideas, most from smaller businesses.


ONE // Maya Brenner Initial Necklace*: This necklace will be included in every Mother’s Day gift guide I ever put together. It’s my single most worn piece of jewelry and brings me immense joy. I have the two letter necklace with Lawson and Sybil’s initials. While the deadline for ordering has passed, a gift card would also do the trick.

TWO // Yearly Co Twist Bracelet: Continuing with the jewelry theme, this bracelet is on my personal wish list. For something a little less expensive, this string of love bracelet is beautiful in the simplest of ways.

THREE // Striped Shirt*: For spring, summer and fall, you can’t go wrong with a striped shirt. I have and love 3 different brands: the classic Saint James in white/navy, The Striped Sheep rainbow shirts (in both white and blue – they bring a smile to my face), and a red, white and blue Kule. I wear them all regularly and couldn’t pick a favorite! I want one more – a white/black Saint James to round out my collection. 

FOUR // Manicure & Pedicure*: I would happily accept a gift card for a manicure and pedicure from my favorite salon whenever it’s safe to get one again. In the meantime, Cote Shop nail polish is 10-free and lasts longer than any other polish I’ve tried (currently 25% off – No. 36 is my go to).

FIVE // Lake Pajamas*: My collection stands at 4 pairs of Lake Pajamas – two of which I’ve received for Mother’s Day! I’m partial to the short/long pajamas with the short/short set a close second.. I did recently read about this PJ short set that some like even better than Lake Pajamas.

SIX // NamaMat Kitchen Mat: Even though we’re still renting our house, we’ve slowly been purchasing a few more items (these swivel chairs, this outdoor umbrella in the navy/white stripes, naturally). This kitchen mat is high on my list. I’ve wanted one ever since their kickstarter campaign last year. It’s an elevated version of the basic black kitchen mat we currently have.  

SEVEN // Book or Local Bookstore Gift Card: It’s no secret that I love to read, which I directly inherited from my own mom. My favorite books to gift are Love and Other Words, The Idea of You (more appropriate for my mom friends than my own mother), and Open Book. My mom and I have different taste in books so I’m going the gift card route instead so she can pick out her own while supporting an independent bookstore. 

EIGHT // Vuori Joggers: What says global pandemic like a pair of joggers for Mother’s Day??! Quarantine has taught me that I need a pair of joggers to throw on in the morning or night around the house or walks in the neighborhood. My friend suggested Vuori – they get amazing reviews and are also sold at REI and Nordstrom. 

NINE // AirPod Pro: I gifted Jim the original AirPods for his birthday two years ago (on sale for $140 and a great option if you don’t care about the noise cancelling feature on the Pro version). It’s safe to say I’ve used them more than he has. They are perfect for running. If I didn’t already use his AirPods all the time, these would be at the very top of my Mother’s Day wish list.

Although I’d gladly receive all of these items, this year I really want an extra big hug and kiss from my favorite humans. I’d love to see my own mother, but I’ll send her virtual hugs and kisses and remind her how much we all love her. When we can see each other safely again, we’ll celebrate. 

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