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Long time, no blog post! Over the past two weeks, I’ve decided I need to focus on sleep and working out. I initially thought about taking a formal, month-long break from blogging. I love it so much that I couldn’t quite give it up. So instead I’m going to give quick glances into our day/what’s going on in life. It may be a little more random and scattered, but that’s my life right now. Let’s get started…


I went on my first real, solo run yesterday morning in over a year. Barely 2.5 miles and it was tough.


Sybil has discovered her feet. She’s constantly in happy baby pose. It’s the cutest and reminds me of Lawson.


After more than six months, I’m finally taking new outfit photos next weekend! I’m excited to share some of my recent styles with you soon.


I went to the doctor on Monday for a six months post-baby check on the size of my fibroid. The good news is it has continued to shrink and is now slightly smaller than before I got pregnant with Lawson. The bad news is my doctor recommends a hysterectomy if I want it removed. Not sure how I feel about that yet…


I bought this bag for a 40th birthday gift to myself last year. It never felt quite right and sat in my closet. So last weekend I exchanged it for the smaller size. I already love it so much more. It feels like me.


That’s it for today! Hope you have a great one. For more of our day (and an overload of cute kids), follow along on Insta Stories.

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