Weekend Roundup



Happy Friday! Here’s some more randomness from my week…


We had a play date on Wednesday. We arrived 40 minutes late, Sybil had a blowout and I forgot an extra set of clothes, Lawson ate sand and pushed another kid for trying to take his own ball back and then Sybil spit up on both of us. Luckily another mom had an extra set of clothes for Sybil.


I ran again yesterday morning. This weekend is the Phoenix Marathon. I signed up for the half marathon last year and deferred my entry to this year after I found out I was pregnant. Turns out I’m not ready this year either. I’m definitely not crazy enough to run it without training.


After having two kids in less than three years, I’ve had to make some changes in how I dress to hide my mom pooch. Gone are my low rise jeans (at least until I get a tummy tuck). My new requirement is a minimum of a 9″ front rise. So far my FRAME (similar here and here) and Madewell jeans are the best. Now I’m on the search for shorts…maybe starting with these.


Last night was a long overdue girl’s night at a new restaurant in Phoenix. Is there anything better than time with your best girlfriends? There’s no better excuse for 3 wardrobe changes in a day (you can see all of them on Instagram Stories) :)


My how to pack for a beach vacation blog post from over two years ago has gone viral on Pinterest (at least viral for me). I get almost 100 views from there each day this time of year.


I’m off to take a nap before one of the kiddos wakes up. Cheers to a fantastic weekend!

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