Rainbow Striped Shirt

Rainbow Striped Shirt

shirt: the striped shirt (also worn here) // shorts: agolde // sandals: birkenstock // hat: cuyana // necklace: maya brenner // bracelets: david yurman (here, here and here) // rings: david yurman and catbird nyc

I’m always raving about my go to striped shirt and now I have a rainbow striped shirt by The Striped Sheep to add to my collection! I found The Striped Sheep through HeyMama, a group for working mothers, when the owner asked a question about an affiliate program I belong to.

I do my fair share of shopping at larger retailers (J. Crew, Madewell, Nordstrom), but I also love supporting small businesses, especially those owned by women. I find it inspiring when I see people living out their dreams. If I can support them while also getting a product or service that I love, I’m all for it.

The Striped Sheep has matching shirts for mamas and kids. I will happily dress like Lawson and Sybil as long as they’ll let me. Whenever they pick out their striped shirt to wear, they always want me to wear mine too. It’s the cutest. You can see a few photos of us wearing them here.

Cuyana Hat

In my younger years, I was pretty confident about my body image. Now, not so much. I’m constantly hiding my stomach. However, I’m happy to show off my legs. Every time I run, I’m proud of these short little legs powering me through. Maybe when I’m 50 I’ll give up my love of short shorts, but not yet!

Agolde Denim Shorts

A quick note about this hat. When I travel, I pack it in my checked luggage. After 3 years, it ripped in the top. You can’t see it in these photos, but it’s a bummer. I love it so much I’d buy it again, but wanted to warn you it isn’t the best for packing.

Rainbow Striped Shirt

We’re heading to San Diego next week for a few days at the beach. Lawson and I are already planning to pack our matching rainbow striped shirt!

photos by ana of rosemary & rye


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