Reading List: No. 17

I’ve been in a reading rut recently and the only books I’m interested in are lighter romance or romantic comedies. It must be something about this season of life that requires no heavy topics on my part. I read four books in the past two months and am hoping I up that a bit in November.

Reading List: No. 17

The Magic of Found Objects by Maddie Dawson follows Phronsie as she gets engaged to her best friend, Judd, after a divorce and series of bad dates. Phronsie and Judd decide getting married to each other as friends is much better than trying to find love. True, passionate love is overrated. 

I couldn’t put The Magic of Found Objects down and then found myself 50 pages from the finish and didn’t want it to end. I loved Phronsie and her slightly magical mother. I enjoyed the split story between Phronsie’s childhood with an eccentric and free spirited mother and her even-keeled stepmother. And I rooted for her to believe in love. I’m generally a big fan of anything Maddie Dawson writes, this book included. 

  • Rating: 4

In Seven Days in June by Tia Williams, Eva Mercy is a single mom and bestselling writer. Shane Hall is a reclusive award-willing novelist. When Eva and Shane meet at an event, sparks fly. Fifteen years earlier Eva and Shane spent seven days in June together madly in love. They’ve been secretly writing to each other in their books ever since.

I really enjoyed Seven Days in June. I liked the split between their past and current lives and the look at Eva’s chronic illness. Eva and Shane not had tortured childhoods, but eventually persevered in their own ways. 

  • Rating: 3

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams is the story of Gavin, a Major League Baseball player, and his wife Thea. Gavin and Thea are going through a rough patch in their marriage. Some of Gavin’s teammates invite him to join their book club. They’ve improved their relationships by reading and discussing romance novels. Through the process of dating Thea again, Gavin digs into some deeper issues impacting their relationship.

While I finished it, I thought about DNFing several times. The premise of the story is cute, but it wasn’t executed well. There was a lot of swearing that didn’t seem to contribute to the storyline and just sounded crude. There’s a storyline with Thea’s sister that seemed unnecessary too. 

  • Rating: 1.5

The Perfect Find is another Tia Williams book. After recovering from a devastating breakup and mental breakdown, Jenna returns to New York to revive her career. At a party she meets and instantly connects with a younger man named Eric. Before their night can get out of hand, her friend sends her to her hotel room to sleep off her hangover. To both of their surprise, Eric is introduced as her new photographer/videographer partner at work. Their chemistry comes through the screen and their project quickly becomes a hit. Meanwhile they quickly act on their connection and establish an intense relationship with is complicated by the fact Eric is the bosses son (who already has bad history with Jenna) and the 15+ year age gap between Eric and Jenna.

Our local library didn’t have it, so when I saw it at the bookstore on a Saturday I was particularly overwhelmed I bought it as a self care measure. I was in a reading lull and wanted a book I know would kickstart it again. It didn’t disappoint. Nothing revolutionary, but a solid romance novel that I enjoyed. 

  • Rating: 3

tbr: up next

I have an entire reading list for the year mostly made up of books I already own and there are a ton of new releases by favorite authors this year too. So many books, too little time! I’m slowly making my way through A Promised Land while also currently reading Malibu Rising (*love* Taylor Jenkins Reid, 35 pages in and already hooked). Other books on my nightstand include The Sum of Us, Know My Name, and Ghosts.

rating system

5: A book that you treasure and keep prominently displayed on your bookshelf. All other books will likely be measured against this one
4: Could not put it down, possibly read through the night, still thinking about it, extremely satisfying and highly recommended
3: Captured my interest, entertaining, would seek other titles by the same author, would recommend
2: Okay to pass the time, probably not memorable, just okay
1: DNF or ended up feeling dissatisfied

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