Sugar and Spice…

Sugar and Spice


Have you ever found yourself at the supermarket staring at the spices and wondering how something so small in size could cost so much? I know I have! My mother introduced me to Penzeys Spices several years ago and they’ve become my go-to spice spot for their variety, quality and reasonable price. With locations in almost 30 states, as well as online shopping, your spice wishes can be fulfilled most anywhere!


If you live near a location, I recommend a visit to their store. They also have several recipes that are shared in store. I found my favorite banana bread recipe at Penzeys! I use my peppermill and salt shaker daily and have a few other favorite spices too. I love their cinnamon options and the cinnamon sugar mix saves me from mixing it on my own. There’s something about toast with butter and cinnamon sugar that screams comfort food to me. The Chicago Steak Seasoning is great for steak or pork chops (I’d also recommend the Pork Chop Seasoning) and Chili Powder is perfect for winter chili and stew. I love the 4/S seasoned salt for throwing on chicken breasts and french fries. With over 250 spices, there’s something for everyone!


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