The Blogs and Instagram Accounts I Love to Follow

Blogs and Instagram Accounts I Love to Follow

I know not everyone reads blogs anymore, but I’m still a fan. I actually started this post focused on Instagram accounts, but had such fun picking my favorite blog posts that I switched it around.

One characteristic all of these bloggers/writers have is they are honest and relatable. I value their opinions on everything from parenting to style to beauty even if they differ from my own. Their sponsored content never makes wonder what the hell is going on (hello, everyone posting about Wal-Mart). If they make a mistake about something, they own up to it.

6 Blogs I Never Miss

ONE // Victoria McGinley: Victoria doesn’t post as often as I’d like, but her writing is the best. Recently she’s shared her journey finding her birth family. Sometimes when I see her post in my feed, I have an internal struggle between reading it immediately and savoring it for quiet moment when I can read it over and over. She also sends out the best monthly newsletter.

Favorite Posts: M Gemi Felize Loafers Review, The Failure Resume, and What I Already Miss About Korea

TWO // The Stripe: Grace is my go to for beauty and book recommendations. She’s honest without tearing anyone down. A few months ago she embarked on an inclusivity challenge and has only featured clothing from brands that offer a wide range of sizes. Over the last year I’ve really noticed that Grace has continued to evolve her blog, Instagram and podcast (yep, she’s co-host of one of my favorite podcasts, Bad on Paper!).

Favorite Posts: May 2019 Reading List (really any reading list!), How to Pick the Best Yoga Retreats and Recent Beauty Empties

THREE // Lemon Stripes: Julia is refreshingly honest about everything in her life. She written about her decision to put her daughter in daycare, mom shaming and her struggle with anxiety. Julia’s style is opposite of mine – she’s colorful and bright and I still love her. She has an adorable daughter too!

Favorite Posts: How We Divide Parenting Roles, Our Child Care Decision, and An Anxiety Update

FOUR // Jess Ann Kirby: Jess has become a favorite over the past year. She’s committed to sustainable fashion and advocates for the environment and women’s rights among other issues. Jess and her husband have done a ton of updates to their home in New England. Naturally everything is gorgeous!

Favorite Posts: Summer Capsule Wardrobe, My Favorite Non-Toxic Shampoo & Conditioner, and The #CleanSwapChallenge

FIVE // Monica Dutia: Monica and I share a love of many brands (Everlane, Saint James, M. Gemi, Dudley Stephens to name a few). She has an adorable dog named Millie and great recommendations for the DC area.

Favorite Posts: Why I Own Four Dudley Stephens Fleeces, 3 Days in London, and My Philosophy on Owning Things

SIX // 26 and Not Counting: Jess writes the best personal posts. She’s honest about her ups and downs and life as a single woman in Chicago. Her style collages are some of my favorites too and I love that she includes a song in her weekly rounds posts.

Favorite Posts: A Letter From Jess, Favorite Products of 2018, and A Lot Can Happen in a Year

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow

How many people do you follow on Instagram? I hover around 400 +/- 50 whenever I go through a cleanup spell. I don’t follow a lot of celebrities or brands. I prefer accounts that are more relatable. Other than family and friends, I have five favorite accounts I love to follow.

ONE // just.ingredients: makes me smarter about the food I buy for our family and products we put on our bodies. She has a really easy way of sharing the bad, good, better and best choices for everything from sunscreen to salad dressing.

TWO // momma society: Mandy and her Momma Society community has been my go to online mama hood for over four years. Our kids are similar in age and Mandy has the best toy and clothing recommendations that I often copy! (I also love the Momma Society Facebook group.)

THREE // natalie borton: I started following Natalie for her small jewelry business (love her tassel earrings!) and have stayed for her minimalist style. She has perfected the speedy style video.

FOUR // liz adams: Liz shares the best and worst of motherhood while maintaining a positive attitude. A lot of people are honest about parenthood, but more in a complaining manner and I really love Liz’s always positive take.

FIVE // lcs_studio: Laura lives in one of my favorite cities I’ve never visited (Charleston) and has gorgeous photography. She also has great style and occasionally offers beauty advice in her stories.

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