The Luv List Vol. 3

A few things I'm loving: Roominate, Dyson, the Skimm, Fed Up and a Bobeau cardigan


Welcome to September! I hope you all had a good weekend and made it through yesterday without the Monday blues. Our weekend was spent alternating between trying to get Lawson to sleep and going about our lives with an overtired baby. Luckily he seems to be back on track. We had lunch at two of our favorite spots over the weekend (Chestnut and Hopdoddy) and kept cool while wandering the mall. To top it off, Lawson had his first taste of “real” food on Sunday night. We were those excited parents documenting his first bites of sweet potatoes.

And now onto a few things I’m loving lately…

roominate | I read about Roominate on a recent flight in the American Airlines magazine (random right?!) The company was started by two female Stanford educated engineers. They realized boys traditionally have more opportunities to develop STEM skills and wanted to create a product to encourage these same skills in girls. (I had heard a lot about STEM recently, but didn’t even know what it stood for – science, technology, engineering and math.)  Roominate is essentially legos geared towards girls. We gave it to Jim’s 8 year-old sister for her birthday and she loved it.

bobeau fleece cardigan | One of my friends wore this fleece cardigan to dinner when I was in Minnesota recently. It was a cold, rainy day and she looked so cozy in her fleece. It comes in 5 colors and both petite and regular sizing. It has almost 3,ooo reviews and 4+ stars. I’ll definitely be adding one (or more!) to my fall and winter wardrobe. Of course I like the dark grey one the best!

dyson cordless vacuum | I got this dyson cordless vacuum for my birthday. It’s in the running for my favorite present ever. I am 100% serious! We have tile floors that show every little piece of hair and dust. It used to drive me crazy. I’d use a swiffer and then a smaller cordless vacuum. Now I’m able to eliminate a step and it’s much easier on my back. I’ve used it every day so far!

fed up | a documentary about the food industry, fed up sheds light on how much sugar is in our food and the impact on diet and exercise myths. Fed Up was released last year and on our watch list ever since. We finally got around to it a few weeks ago. After watching it our feelings ranged from shocked to scared. We immediately went through our pantry. And isn’t that the best kind of documentary, one that inspires you to make changes?

theSkimm | theSkimm is a daily email newsletter that gives snippets of news to start your day. I subscribed to it a few weeks ago and really like it. It’s a quick way to stay up-to-date on current events and the witty writing makes you want to keep reading.

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