The Week in Outfits: No. 3

Dudley Stephens Fleece

SATURDAY: fleece // jeans // socks // sneakers // jacket // tote

Spyhouse Coffee

SUNDAY: sweatshirt // jeans (similar)
Sybil’s sweater (so soft and cozy, perfect for the child that refuses to wear a jacket)

Leopard Sweater

MONDAY: sweater // jeans // shoes // tote
TBH I didn’t feel great in today’s outfit. It was too cold for my go to loafers and I didn’t want to wear OTK boots. Or maybe it was just the gray day.

Madewell Tote

TUESDAY: sweater // scarf // jeans (similar) // loafers (other colors) // jacket // tote
I wear some version of this outfit every week. It’s easy and makes me feel good.

Eyelet Top

WEDNESDAY: shirt // jeans // shoes (similar) // jacket // tote
We snapped this photo just as it started raining. Don’t mind the windblown hair!

Aether Sweater

THURSDAY: sweater (old from aether) // jeans // boots // tote

We had to be at the hospital at 6am and it was too dark for a photo.

FRIDAY: shirt // pants // boots // jacket (similar)

I broke out the old school Uggs for the morning ride to the hospital. I’ve had these for over 10 years. They had been relegated to camping trips, but they are great for preschool drop-off too!

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