The Week in Outfits: No. 4

After a couple of weeks wearing pajama and sweatpants non-stop, I’m back with a week’s worth of real outfits. It was the week of the teddy coat. I wore it 4 days in a row! You’re going to see a lot of it this winter. (I paid $137 for it on sale. It’s worth every penny.)

I’ve tried to link everything I wore or a similar item. If there’s not a link, I couldn’t find a similar replacement.

Saint James shirt

SATURDAY: shirt // jeans (similar)// loafers // jacket (not shown) // tote

Patagonia Vest

SUNDAY: sweatshirt // vest // sweatpants // boots

Union Station

MONDAY: fleece // beanie (similar) // jacket // jeans (similar) // sneakers // bag

We woke up to snow and cold (20s) on Monday. Fortunately, we didn’t let it deter us from our plans of taking the bus downtown to see the Christmas tree inside Union Station and then shopping at our favorite independent bookstore in Denver, Tattered Cover. It was a lot of fun. Note: Sybil went from refusing to wear a coat to wearing a vest and 2 fleece jackets. For our entire trip.

J Crew Teddy Coat

TUESDAY: sweater // jeans (similar) // sneakers (similar) // jacket // bag

I understand why they call it a teddy coat. It’s like being wrapped up in a giant hug from a soft teddy bear.

J Crew Teddy Coat

WEDNESDAY: shirt (50% off here) // jeans // boots // jacket // bag

J Crew Teddy Coat

THURSDAY: sweater // jeans (similar) // boots // jacket // tote

J Crew Teddy Coat

FRIDAY: shirt // jeans // sneakers // jacket // tote

Getting photo bombed by a cute smurf!

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