Holiday Gift Guide: Investment Pieces to Splurge On

holiday gift investment pieces

Today’s holiday gift guide of investment pieces is focused on high quality items that I’d be thrilled to add to my wardrobe (or in two cases, our home). While I certainly don’t *need* any of these, and a few are downright impractical and ridiculously expensive, they are items I’ve had my eye on and are on my personal wish list (Jim, take note…).

I’m particularly proud of this gift guide for including several products by small, female owned businesses. Supporting small brands is a passion of mine and I love sharing them with all of you.

The two jewelry items on this gift guide (#3 and #5) need to be ordered several weeks in advance. So if you’d like to see either of them under your tree this year, forward this to your significant other ASAP.

The items on this gift guide are all material things, but some of the best gifts are experiences. A trip is high up on my experience wish list. I’d also love to get a barre3 online subscription or headspace subscription. I’m pretty sure they both have good Black Friday sales.

All items I personally own are indicated with an asterisk. For more ideas, check out my investment pieces post.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Investment Pieces to Splurge On

ONE // Dudley Stephens fleece*: This fleece is cozy, comfortable and made from recycled water bottles. I wore it at least once a week last winter and it held up perfectly after multiple washes. If you’re between sizes, go up one size.

TWO // Hillary Butler art: I met Hillary at a blog conference 5 years ago and have loved following her career. She’s so talented! It’s on my bucket list to add a piece of her fine art to our home someday. For Lawson and Sybil’s first Christmas, we gave them one of her 12×12 pieces. They’ve hung in their bedrooms and playroom. It’s a piece I hope they take with them throughout their life.

THREE // Maya Brenner necklace*: I can’t pass up an opportunity to include my most sentimental piece of jewelry. I’ve worn my Maya Brenner initial necklace almost every single day for the past 3+ years. I guarantee you will love it just as much as I do.

FOUR // Parker Thatch bag: I saw someone carrying this bag while wearing a grey tank, black jeans and sneakers. It was such a simple, chic outfit and totally my style.

FIVE // Yearly Co. bangle: A holdover from my birthday wish list, I would love to add a Yearly Co twist bangle to my jewelry collection. The anniversary bangles are meant to be given for each milestone, such as a wedding anniversary or birth of a child.

SIX // Jenni Kayne mules: It’s no secret I’m a fan of leopard. I’ve found the season for mules is quite short in Colorado so these are especially impractical for me, but I still love them.

SEVEN // One/Third jacket*: I follow one of the founders, Anna, on Instagram. When she first launched a line of jackets/blazers, this one immediately reminded me of something my grandmother would have worn. It’s beautiful in person and the style is timeless.

EIGHT // Ellesworth & Ivey sweater: This one is sentimental since we went to Aspen this spring on a 2-night family vacation. They also have versions for Cape Cod and Nantucket, among other places.

NINE // Chappy Wrap blanket*: After buying and returning a blanket for Sybil’s toddler bed because it wasn’t soft enough, I ordered her a midi sized Chappy Wrap. It is so soft and warm. Now I want the regular size for myself!

TEN // Golden Goose sneakers: I fully admit spending this much on a pair of sneakers is downright ridiculous. But, I do wear sneakers a ton in the fall/winter/spring months and really like the style of Golden Goose. UPDATE: I saw someone reference Golden Goose as the sneakers every blogger idolizes. I realized she was 100% correct. Since I don’t want to buy into that hype at such a high price point, I’m removing them from my wish list.

ELEVEN // Everlane sweater: I own 3 of the Everlane cashmere crewneck sweaters and am going to add this turtleneck version when my size comes back in stock. Along with my Dudley Stephens fleece, I wear them every single week in the winter.

TWELVE // NamaMat: We have a cushioned mat beneath our kitchen sink, but this one is 100x better looking. It looks like a vintage rug! I’m getting one for someone on my list, I just haven’t decided who.

THIRTEEN // Sh*t That I Knit bundle: Like all good things, I came across Sh*t That I Knit on Instagram. I love a good beanie! This seems like an investment my future Coloradan self would appreciate.

FOURTEEN // Marine Layer fleece: Are you sensing a cold weather theme here? Jim and I have a couple of Marine Layer pieces and they are high quality. Since it’s reversible, it’s like two for the price of one. Ha!

FIFTEEN // Birkenstock Shearling Sandals: Shearling sandals seem a bit like an oxymoron, don’t they? As Lawson says, “what you want, you want and you don’t get to choose.” I’d wear these around the house all winter long.

I truly enjoy putting these gift guides to share with you all. I earn a small commission on purchases you make through my blog links. The price is the same for you either way. It works whether you buy what I linked to or other things. It makes my heart swell every single time I see a purchase has been made (no, I can’t tell who purchased, only that a purchase was made from a link). Thank you for your support!

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