The Week in Outfits: No. 5

Welcome to another week of the outfits I wear every day! I’ve tried to link everything I wore or a similar item (and noted if it’s similar and not the exact same). If there’s not a link, I couldn’t find a similar replacement.

SATURDAY: I was too lazy to take a photo. Sorry!

The Striped Sheep

SUNDAY: shirt // jeans (similar) // sneakers // jacket // vest

This was my attempt to wear my denim jacket in colder weather by layering it with a Patagonia vest. It didn’t work. The vest is too long for the jacket.

Madewell Eyelet Top

MONDAY: shirt // jeans (similar)// boots


TUESDAY: fleece // jeans (similar) // jacket //  sneakers // bag

My photographer took a video instead of photo on Tuesday. It’s a little blurry since I had to convert it to a photo.

J Crew Teddy Coat

WEDNESDAY: sweatshirt (on sale for $28) // jeans // sneakers (similar) // jacket // tote

Another blurry photo. These are the things that happen when your photographer is 4 years old. This is also the day I realized I had a hole in the back of my jeans after I got home from preschool drop-off, pickup and a play date. Fun times! Now I’m in the market for a new pair of jeans.

J Crew Teddy Coat

THURSDAY: sweater // jeans (similar) // boots // jacket

Pom Hat

FRIDAY: sweater // jeans // boots // jacket // hat

Basically the same outfit as Thursday – just switched out one sweater and pair of jeans for another. Oh and added a hat. My hair was a grease bucket!

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