Weekend Roundup: No. 248


It feels like forever since I’ve written a proper weekend roundup! After my surgery and then the gift guides, it’s been a month since I hit publish on one. 

This week has been filled with ups and downs. On the upside, I feel great. My mom is still staying with us for another few days to help out. We were gifted a house cleaning that I scheduled this week (note: this is an awesome gift for someone post-surgery). On the downside, Sybil and Lawson are struggling. Not getting enough sleep no matter what I do. Crying while being in the car seat (Sybil). Screaming at preschool drop-off. Peeing in their beds and pants. Lots of deep breaths and tears this week (from all of us).

It feels great to have all of my holiday gift guides published. Although it seemed a little early, it seems everyone is starting Christmas earlier than in past years. As items go on sale, I’m trying to share them on Instagram Stories and Facebook. Even though I’m not doing a formal men’s gift guide, I’ll be sharing tried and true favorites of my dad, brother and Jim on Facebook over the next few weeks.

We are going to our friend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. I volunteered to bring a sweet potato dish that’s pure deliciousness and this cranberry sauce. I am very excited for a long weekend. Jim has been working on a big deadline and we all miss him. 

Have a great weekend!


When my mom came to stay with us to take care of me, she started making me warm milk (flax or cashew) with vanilla, honey and cinnamon after the kids went to bed. It’s delicious and quickly become a favorite way to wind down the day. Plus, there’s just something so comforting about your mom taking care of you, even at 43 years old. 


Sybil’s high pitched screaming every time she’s in the car tied with her hysterical sobs at preschool drop-off. 


Everything in my holiday gift guides! You can find them all here.


I just started Fair Play. I’m very interested in the topic and if the book discusses stay at home parents.

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