Tips for Buying from Poshmark

Tips for Buying from Poshmark

After almost a year, I finally met with Jenna to shoot some outfit photos last month. While my little photographers are quite skilled, it was nice to work with a professional that gives me guidance for how to stand, etc. Taking photos is awkward!

I bought the sweatshirt I’m wearing in these photos from Poshmark, an online site where you can buy or sell new or used clothing, shoes and accessories. I’ve been selling on Poshmark for a few years (you can see my closet here) and have recently started shopping there. So far I’ve bought a pair of jeans, clutch and this sweatshirt. 

Now when I’m thinking about making a purchase, I typically check Poshmark to see if there are any listed for sale. If I can get an item at a discount, even if it’s slightly used, I’d rather do that!

While my purchases are limited, I wanted to share some tips for buying from Poshmark in case you’re interested in trying it out. 

Rebecca Minkoff Janine Sweatshirt

Tips for Buying from Poshmark

ONE // Ideally the item you’re looking to buy is a tried and true favorite so you already know the fit and sizing. I’ve used this approach buying a pair of jeans. I had already owned the Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop in another color and was familiar with the size. I was less concerned about the length because I like a raw hem and am comfortable cutting them off if they are too long. Some other ideas for applying this approach are anything J. Crew. There’s a ton of J. Crew like new or new with original tag items listed on Poshmark.   

TWO // If it’s a new to you item, read as many reviews on the brand’s site, Amazon, Nordstrom, wherever you can. Since you aren’t able to return items, extra research can help when it comes to sizing. 

THREE // Consider the resale value. If the item ends up being the wrong size or doesn’t work for another reason, could you resell it? Yes, this creates extra work for you, but if you’re already a Poshmark seller it’s pretty easy. 

FOUR // Before making an offer on an item, I like to filter by recently sold to see what others have paid. This helps me to decide on an amount I want to offer.  

FIVE // Just like any other purchase, don’t get sucked into getting a deal. When making an offer, have your highest price in mind and don’t let the back and forth negotiation drive you to spend more than you’re comfortable spending.

Tips for Buying from Poshmark

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