Weekend Roundup



Oh my gosh, what a week. Between a stomach bug that hit all of us, sleepless nights, Lawson’s 2 year molars coming in and some of the lowest patience levels I’ve had lately, I could not be happier that it’s Friday. Some weeks I feel like we have it together and other weeks throw me for a loop. This week was one of the latter and I’m so, so glad it’s over.


This weekend we plan to do more of the usual for us – spend as much time outside as possible. It’s even more important after being cooped up indoors this week. Lawson and Sybil are so much happier when we have a daily walk. Jim is golfing in tournaments both days, but I plan to sneak in a break for a few hours.


I used a gift card and picked up these leggings and tank from Athleta few weeks ago. The leggings are high waisted and the tank is already a go to. I want to wear it all the time, which is a good sign. Naturally, I got the grey and white stripe, but it also comes in solids.


I was in need of a breezy, beach read between parenting books. I took Grace’s recommendation and ordered Slightly South of Simple. Maybe this will be the book I actually finish.


It’s going to be 105 today. Welcome to spring in AZ. :) Hope you’re enjoying a more normal spring whenever you are!

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