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Weekend Roundup

A rainy day in Phoenix

TGIF! It’s supposed to rain all day today and you’d think it was a state emergency. Anyway, it’s been an exhausting couple of weeks. I thought packing up our condo in one week would be stressful. It’s been nothing compared to unpacking and trying to decorate a new place. I feel like I’m constantly running errands! Trying to nest in the midst of a move doesn’t really work. Luckily my mom has been here this week to help out. Our windows have never been cleaner! I also introduced her to Scandal last night. I can’t get enough of that show.

A huge thank you for stopping by each day. I’m celebrating my best month ever on Luv in the Bubble and it’s all thanks to you! I truly appreciate it. And now onto a few links for your weekend reading…

Stay warm and dry. See you back here on Monday for the start of February!


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  1. Thank you for the link, Luv! And don’t feel too bad about the deodorant thing. I very frequently forget to brush my teeth. Which is probably grosser.

    Published 1.30.15
  2. annie wrote:

    Oooooh the blogger agenda! Love!!


    Published 1.30.15
  3. A few of my friends are addicted to Scandal, I really need to start watching that show… And that blogger’s agenda is genius!

    Published 1.30.15