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Weekend Roundup

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The calendar was kind to us this holiday season. After yesterday’s new year’s holiday, there’s only one work day before we can relax into the weekend again! It’s cold here in Phoenix. The perfect excuse to bundle up in my toastiest clothes, throw on a hat and mittens and indulge in a hot chocolate!


  • The Everygirl’s 30-day challenge for January is a great way to start off the year. I know drinking enough water is important and I used to be much better at it. I’m determined to get back on track. Pinterest has a ton of great recipes if you need some inspiration. I’ll be trying this and these.
  • Is anyone else excited for the return of Downton Abbey on Sunday? I put a reminder on my calendar a month ago. I’d say that qualifies as excited.
  • I’m still working on my goals and intentions for 2015. While I don’t think I’ve ever met all of them, I love making a list and thinking about those items I’d like to accomplish. This year I plan to be more specific with both my personal and blog-related goals.
  • On the flip side, there’s some good advice in things to stop doing in 2015. I used to pride myself on being good at multi-tasking. More and more, I believe it isn’t efficient.
  • I may be dating myself here, but who didn’t love Back to the Future? In the second movie, Marty and Doc are transported to 2015. This look at 8 technologies and the prospect of them turning into reality is interesting.
  • If you haven’t already jumped on the Serial bandwagon, do it now. And stay away from articles about it until you’re finished. We’re on episode 8 and hope for red lights just so we can listen to more. It would also be a great listen while working out.


Stay warm this weekend whenever you are!

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  1. We try and drink enough water, but it’s so hard in the winter! Hot coffee drinks sound so much better ;) Haven’t jumped on the Serial bandwagon yet, but now we might have to! Happy New Year!
    xo Emily & Elizabeth

    Published 1.2.15