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Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup


Friday! Always the best day of the week, right?! Today we’re braving the friendly skies for Lawson’s first trip. We’ll be spending the week with Jim’s family relaxing, eating and enjoying the outdoors. I’m excited to get out of the heat. There’s not much you can do outside this time of year in Phoenix, especially with a baby.


  • If you’ve recently moved or want to meet others in your current place, these 5 ways to embrace a new city are for you. So excited for Annie’s first contribution to Glitter Guide!
  • Do you love naps, but not the groggy feeling you get afterwards? How long to nap for the best benefits will help you figure out the ideal nap.
  • I’m a big believer in wardrobe essentials. Here are 11 items all stylish 30-year-olds own. While I generally agree with the list, I have to admit red lipstick isn’t for me.
  • As a one-time marathoner, I found what running a marathon does to your body interesting. Those 33k steps made me quite sore for several days!
  • I didn’t watch The Bachelorette this season, but I saw enough online to know Kaitlyn was subjected to more cyberbullying than anyone should. The men tell all recap includes some of the tweets she received. Even if you willingly put yourself on a reality show, you don’t deserve to be treated this way.
  • Heading to the beach this weekend? Check out my tips on how to pack for a beach vacation.


Happy weekend, make it a great one!


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  1. Hooray!! Thanks for sharing :) Have the best weekend! xx

    Annie Reeves

    Published 7.24.15