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Weekend Roundup

Sleeping In


Wow, I’m really glad it’s the weekend! I don’t know if I’ll get the chance, but I’d love to follow Lawson and sleep in one morning. I’m planning on trying a new barre class on Saturday morning, maybe a makeup swim lesson for Lawson on Sunday (someone had an “accident” in the pool and they had to close it down) and then lots of relaxing and boring stuff around the house.



Since Jim was out of town this week and all I wanted to do was relax on the couch after Lawson went to bed, I busied myself watching 2 movies. On Victoria’s recommendation, I started with Twinsters, a documentary about two girls born in South Korea and raised on different continents. The story of how they found each other is pretty crazy. And then I followed it up the next night with The Intern. While it’s not going to win any Academy Awards, I did enjoy it. I’d recommend both of them!


Speaking of Academy Awards, they’re on Sunday. It’s my favorite awards show from the fashions to the actual awards. I like to try to pick the winners before and see how I do. Will you be tuning in?



While my closet is mostly full of neutrals, I’ve been wishing for 1 or 2 floral items to mix it up. This floral romper could be just the item I’ve been looking for (also available at Nordstrom).


As usual, I’ll be sharing snippets from our weekend on instagram and snapchat (erica.kartak). Have a great one!

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  1. Zack wrote:

    Sleeping like a Kartak, I wonder what he’ll think when he wakes up and his arms are asleep from the shoulders down?!

    Published 2.26.16