Weekend Roundup: No. 181

weekend roundup

It’s Friday and day 19 of Whole30! On Wednesday both Jim and I remarked that we feel better since starting. Next week we’ll decide which elements we’d like to maintain once our 30 days are over.

It’s been beautiful in LA this winter. Lots of sunshine and warm weather. That all changed this week when it got cold. How did I live in Minnesota for 26 years?? Now I’m bundled up with highs in the 60’s. I will admit it’s fun to dress in layers and wear my cold weather gear.

I remember when The Everygirl launched six years ago. I immediately loved their career profiles and home tours. Since becoming a mom, I didn’t identify with their target audience as much. Cue to yesterday’s announcement on their upcoming launch of The Everymom. I am so, so excited to see the motherhood community they are creating. I have no doubt they’ll become an instant resource.

We have absolutely zero plans this weekend. Jim has class all day today and tomorrow morning. Normally I would be happy without plans, but it seems daunting. Lawson, Sybil and I have already done all our usual activities for the week. It’s time to get creative!



This week my high point is made up of a lot of little moments: Sybil learning to give a “thumbs up”, Lawson performing a one-man marching band, silly self-timer photos with Lawson and playing in the snow with both of them.


I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked this week. I’ve been so tired in the early afternoons that it’s a struggle to stay awake. I don’t know if it’s normal “mom to two toddlers” exhaustion, Whole30 detox slump or something more serious.


I finally tried the Everlane cashmere crew late last year. With the cooler weather recently, I’ve found myself reaching for it several times a week. I got the navy and wish I had it in black and grey. At $100, it’s a splurge but very reasonable for the quality. It’s soft, comfortable and cozy!


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