Weekend Roundup: No. 197

Weekend Treat at Salt & Straw

TGIF! Jim comes home tonight after being gone all week for his last school trip. I give serious props to single parents. I don’t know how you do it 24/7!

How was your mid-week holiday? If you haven’t already seen it, you can read about ours on my latest Instagram post. I forgot to include I woke up that morning with my tee shirt on backwards. And it was a v-neck. Seriously, I didn’t notice the v was in the back when I put it on?? Also, in my post Whole30 no sugar kick, I bought unsweetened ketchup. I wouldn’t recommend this.

All kidding aside, it’s actually been a fun few days with ice cream, climbing at the park and watching fireworks from our windows (for 90 minutes!) The days are full when you’re the sole parent from sun up to sun down though and I’m exhausted by bedtime.

We move out in 10 days and haven’t packed a single box. So now you know what we’re doing this weekend! In between packing, we plan to stay cool (it’s supposed to be 100 here this weekend) and hit the beach. Lawson and Sybil are excited to use their new beach towels. :)

Between our family photos, graduation and photos with Jim’s family, I’m trying to coordinate all of our outfits. I need to decide between this eyelet shift dress in white (which I LOVE, but is probably best suited for graduation, also comes in navy), this red and white striped dress (not my usual color, but super cute on + it’s 50% off), this white cotton dress and a skirt/tank combo I have from last year. Decisions, decisions… P.S. Sybil clearly has the best wardrobe out of all of us. She has an outfit to go with any color theme.


After we tried and failed to go to Salt & Straw on Sunday afternoon (the line was too long), I took Lawson and Sybil out for ice cream on Tuesday. Getting both of them ready,  in and out of car seats and keeping them from running into the street is usually too much for me. But I was determined to try Salt & Straw before we leave LA. You guys, it is the best ice cream I’ve ever had. I embraced the chocolate mess (Lawson and Sybil’s flavor choice) and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my birthday cake and blackberry jam cone. If you’re ever near a location, GO (and thank me later). If I play my cards right, I hope to go two other times before we move.


Sybil has had some difficulty falling asleep on her own the past couple of weeks. I usually give her a few days in case she’s getting sick or teething, but it had gone on long enough that I chalked it up to getting in a bad habit. I let her cry it out, which is so tough for both of us. She’s got a scream like no other and used it for 40 minutes before falling asleep.


The last time I bought a pair of workout shorts was sometime pre-pregnancy. We’re talking 4+ years. Since I love my Outdoor Voices leggings, I tried their Hudson Short. I proceeded to wear them 3x in one week. The blue I bought is no longer online, which is a sign they’ll release a new colorway soon. I’ve already told Jim I’d like another pair for my birthday!

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