Weekend Roundup: No. 222


This week felt harder and longer than it should have. Sybil is going through something (maybe an ear infection?) and is a grouch. She even fell asleep in the car at 11am twice. Poor girl is tired!

As much as I try not to let it get to me, the weather this week was less than ideal. When it wasn’t snowing or raining for 3 days, it was cold and the sun was nowhere to be found. Luckily spring resurfaced today and we’re back in action.

Going out for a run after Sybil’s nap has become our afternoon routine. I pack them some snacks, we run 2 miles, stop at the playground for 15 minutes and then run/walk the rest of the way home. The weather earlier in the week knocked us off our routine, but we’re back at it now.

On Tuesday as I was picking up Lawson from school, the director was handing out a letter to parents. Apparently they had an active shooter drill on Monday (as required by law), but had failed to communicate it to parents in advance. Lawson doesn’t go to school on Mondays so he wasn’t there for it, but I would have been very upset if he were. More than that though, I cried because it’s ridiculous that my 4 year old has to have active shooter drills in preschool. That this is now a way of life for entire generations. I’m looking into getting involved in our local Moms Demand Action chapter. I can’t sit by and not do anything.

On Sunday we have Lawson’s end of year school picnic. The rest of our weekend is free of plans. I hope to get in a solo run each day, but that’s about it.

Don’t forget next Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you need gift ideas, I’ve got you covered here.



Lawson and Sybil were walking side by side today. Their hands brushed and Lawson tentatively reached for Sybil. They proceeded to hold hands for an entire block. It was the sweetest.


I was working on my second post for Momma Society as the style contributor this year. As I went to attach the file with all the wording and links for the post, I realized the file was nowhere to be found. I am 100% sure I saved it, but I couldn’t locate it anywhere on my 5+ year old laptop. On a positive note, I was able to recreate it the following day, but it was still a waste of time.


I went into Target with a budget of $100. I bought all the essentials we needed (toilet paper, tissues, etc.) plus a white tee and came in at $95. It comes in 10+ colors and is only $8. I’ve worn it once and so far it seems to be a great medium weight tee shirt. Hoping to avoid those pesky holes at the bottom that I normally get with thinner tees.


I finished Daisy Jones & The Six and picked up Lost Roses at the library last week. I really liked Daisy Jones & The Six. It was told in such an interesting way. If you read it, make sure you listen to the Bad on Paper podcast episode afterwards. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to finish Lost Roses, but a few people on Instagram told me it was worth it so I’m sticking with it to the end.

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