Weekend Roundup: No. 224


What a week, what a week. Such a fun one. My mom arrived for a visit on Monday and we’ve been non-stop ever since. In addition to our normal weekly activities of gymnastics and school, we’ve visited our favorite toy store, shopped and ate at the Boulder Farmer’s Market and spent a ton of time outside. I even managed to run by myself during the day, which is a contender for high point of the week.

I posted the above photo to Instagram Stories earlier this week. I’ve never made a cake from scratch and promised Lawson we would try it together this summer. After seeing the reviews for Simple Cake, I decided I might have a shot of being successful. It’s currently on sale for $11!

Yesterday we had Lawson’s end of year celebration at preschool. It was the sweetest. He walked a red carpet, we had popcorn and then watched a movie of moments from the year. I think every mom in the classroom was crying. In many ways it feels like yesterday that we were taking his first day of school picture.

Today I got my teeth cleaned and I’ve never looked forward to it more. We were without dental insurance for several months and it had been almost 1.5  years since my last cleaning.

Have you shopped at Poshmark? I’ve sold a few things on it, but never made a purchase. I’m in the market for a denim jacket and have been checking out options on Poshmark. I also have my eye on this leopard sweater that I hope to find on Poshmark instead.

After reading Jess Kirby’s post about the impact of fashion on the environment, I’m more cognizant of the fabric clothing is made from. I encourage you to read her post. I also want to watch the documentary, The True Cost.

I gave myself a manicure last Saturday using Cote Shop polish (No. 36) and Olive & June topcoat. I’m on day 6 without a single chip!

This weekend we have plans with friends on Saturday afternoon and a birthday party on Sunday at the Butterfly Pavilion. We’re entering a period of rain and clouds, which is a bit of a bummer for our first week of summer vacation. Time to get creative with our activities!


The entire week is pretty much a high point!


I sound like a broken record, but Sybil’s bedtime routine (or lack thereof) continues to be a low point. And it goes without saying that the restrictive abortion bills passed and proposed this week feels like a massive roll back of women’s rights.


Okay, I know I’ve talked about the Madewell Zip-Top Transport Crossbody a million times and have included it in multiple wish lists. I had a $25 off promo and finally bought it in the english saddle colorway. My girlfriends all raved about it and they weren’t lying. It’s quite possibly the perfect sized crossbody bag. I don’t know how I lived without it.


I flew through The Southern Side of Paradise in two days. If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, get all 3 for your next beach vacation. I promise you won’t be disappointed! I’m picking up We Were the Lucky Ones at the library this afternoon.

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