Weekend Roundup: No. 250

Holiday Table

We had a busy two days before heading to Arizona on Wednesday. Upon arrival I promptly left Jim and the kids with his family to spend a night with my girlfriends. 

When we lived in Arizona, five of us met for girls night every month. I miss those monthly dinners more than almost anything else about Arizona. So I’ve made it a point to return for our December girls night. This will be my 3rd year since moving that I’ve made it back. Needless to say, I was super excited for matching pajamas, wine, food, LRC game and gift exchange. The night didn’t disappoint. 

Before we left, I had my 6 week post-surgery checkup. It was originally scheduled for last Friday, but had to reschedule since my doctor was in the middle of a delivery. My internal stitches are healing well and I’ve been cleared for normal activities. Yay!

I also had an orthodontist appointment this week. I’m halfway through my 3rd stint with braces. Most of the time people can’t even tell I have them on so it’s been pretty easy.

Have you bought anything from Poshmark? I’ve sold clothing on it for a few years (you can find my items for sale here) but only recently bought a Clare V bag and pair of jeans. I felt comfortable buying them because I’ve owned two pairs of the jeans and knew my exact size. If the color isn’t perfect, I can live with it for 1/4 of the cost of a new pair. 

I was walking through the airport in Arizona when we arrived and had this feeling of not knowing where I was. It happens to me fairly frequently since moving away from Arizona. It feels familiar, but am I in Minnesota? Arizona? California? Colorado? It takes me seconds to figure it out. Can anyone else relate?


It’s a tie between girl’s night and spending time with Jim’s family. It had been way too long since I’ve seen them!


No true low points to report this week.


I haven’t bought anything from Lululemon in at least 5 years. We bought Jim’s sister a pair of Align leggings for Christmas. I quickly followed the “one for me, one for you” rule of holiday shopping. They are incredibly soft. The jury is still out on how they hold up for working out, so I’ll report back soon.


I’m almost finished with Twice in a Blue Moon. While it doesn’t top Love and Other Words as my favorite Christina Lauren book, I really loved it! Now I’m on to The Hating Game.

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